Session musicians can get some of this money too! Commissions are typically between 25% and 50% of the up-front fee. In the U.K., the organization that does this is PPL. SoundExchange, on the other hand, collects and distributes royalties for featured recording artists and sound recording master rights owners (i.e. You (as a songwriter) can only sign up for one PRO. It’s best to get someone they trust to refer you (like another artist on their roster, a manager or lawyer). How Soundrop cover-song licensing works. Like the PROs, the outlets pay an annual fee for the blanket license. Broadcast Music, Inc. represents over 800,000 members (songwriters and publishers) and over 10.5 million compositions. Global Music Rights (GMR) was founded in 2013 by industry legend Irving Azoff. There are lots of different kinds of streaming revenue. The PROs collect digital, terrestrial (AM and FM radio) and live royalties.The way the copyright law is currently written in the United States, AM/FM radio has to pay only composition performance royalties and not sound-recording royalties. We use cookies to analyze traffic, track and improve your experience. The license fees paid to SoundExchange are passed on to the copyright owners of the sound recording (master) as follows: The record label - 50%; The featured artist - 45%; Non-featured artists in the song (background vocalist, session musicians, etc.) These days, most music supervisors (the people who place the music), will just pay you (an indie artist) a bulk amount for both the master use license and the sync license (because most indie artists wrote and recorded the song). Pretty much every country in the world has its own PRO and they work together to collect royalties from each other’s territories. It’s best to work with a licensing company for this. For clarification, SoundExchange does not collect royalties for videos or other visual media (including YouTube and VEVO). These result from someone downloading your music on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc. That’s why for a while, Facebook was ripping down cover videos. It’s time-consuming, but worth it. A band is an artist. That said, it is completely within your rights to negotiate directly with webcasters should you decide that is best. If your distributor doesn’t handle this, you can work directly with YouTube to become a verified partner or sign up for an independent revenue collection company like Audiam and AdRev. If your co-writer belongs to a different PRO, you will also need to register your work with ASCAP before we can track it and get you paid. In Canada this is Re:Sound. They do a great job of making themselves known. With some exceptions (mostly political) SONGWRITERS do not receive digital statutory royalties in sound recordings (SoundExchange) unless they also recorded the song with their vocals. via the internet or satellite radio) of their copyrighted recordings. New Website Design Live . So if you don’t have an admin publishing company, you won’t get any of your international mechanical royalties from download sales. PROs make money to pay their songwriters and publishers royalties by collecting money from thousands of venues and outlets (radio stations, streaming services, TV stations, department stores, bars, live venues, etc.) But login to your PRO account and DOUBLE CHECK because songs are often missing or may predate when you started using a digital distributor. If you want to get the maximum protection made possible by the applicable laws, (for example: court awarded money damages in an infringement lawsuit) you need to register your work with the applicable governmental office in your country. When a movie is played on TV, the songs in that movie earn royalties. Outside the U.S., these are from radio (digital and terrestrial), TV, jukeboxes, bars, cafes, shops, night-clubs, gyms, universities, and anywhere there is a “public performance” of a recording. They don’t work to get you the $200,000 Verizon commercial spot, they’re soliciting wedding photographers to pay $60 to license your song in their personal use wedding video. This feature provided sound recording owners (SROs) and artist registrants with the capability to search our database and make claims on recordings that should be associated to their accounts. There are certain housekeeping things that a musician needs to do and registering with SoundExchange is definitely one of them! But if you’re repped by a label and a publisher, the supe (that’s short for music supervisor) will go to your label and pay for a master use license and then to your publisher and pay for license. How to Get Paid: Most digital distribution companies have this option via an opt-in check box. What We Offer Internet Radio Broadcasting and Streaming Services. But if they don’t, you have to get a license via HFA’s Songfile, Easy Song Licensing or Loudr. This can help you bring in some extra dough. Admin publishing companies have started popping up over the past few years to help unrepped songwriters (like you and me) collect all the royalties out there from around the world. The sample data is then loaded into ASCAP’s Audio Performance Management system where it is (mostly) electronically matched to the works in the ASCAP database. Either videos you upload or fan-made cat videos with your sound recordings can generate ad revenue that you can collect if you are a verified partner. Performing Rights Organizations. In America, the rate is set by the U.S. government. They represent song-writers like Taylor Swift, Lil Wayne, Mariah Carey, John Legend, Lady Gaga, Eminem, (members of ) Maroon 5, Michael Jackson, Linkin Park, Sam Cooke, Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Fats Domino, Rihanna, John Williams and Danny Elfman. There's a lot more to making a good album than just writing excellent songs. If they believe in your music, they will pitch you and work solely on commission. But these can add up. Tunecore collects about 50% of royalties that your PRO doesn't. recording labels or independent musicians) related to the non-interactive digital transmissions (e.g. A non-featured artist is an artist who is not prominently featured on a track or album (i.e. Join SoundExchange Direct. **It’s important to note that if you sign up with ASCAP as a songwriter, you also need to register a “vanity publishing company.” That means, just make up a name (mine is Proud Honeybee Music) and register your publishing company with ASCAP. She garnered more than 25 million streams on Spotify in 2020. If you are a U.S.-based artist, go to However, in the world of satellite radio, like SiriusXM, SoundExchange monitors their plays and allocates the money to recording artists accordingly. We will only collect UNCLAIMED royalties. When getting a song synced on a commercial, make sure you always ask if it is a SAG-AFTR A commercial so you can call up SAG-AFTR A and get these royalties. Some admin publishing companies (like Sentric) will register your setlists with the PROs in the regions you tour—but you must ask about this. A great way to be succesful is to have a solid website for your online radio station! What Is the Difference Between Songtrust and SoundExchange? They also have a sync licensing department, an A&R department and many other departments. It’s definitely, worth checking the AFM & SAG-AFTR A Fund website, https://www,, to see if you have out. Signup for your country’s “Neighbouring Rights Organization” – see below. When that same movie is played in a movie theater, those songs do not earn royalties. It represents over 30,000 members (songwriters and publishers) and over 400,000 compositions. All of these methods may be used to create a hard copy recording of your song. Join effort to fight for long-term value of music. However, even in the United States, registering a label is no walk in the park. Then the nitty-gritty details of music licensing, royalties, metadata, and more, that end up equally important. This is just how they do it for everyone from Taylor Swift down to you and me. A singer is an artist. Makes no sense. Tip: Most PROs (like ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN, PRS, etc.) CD Baby vs. Tunecore vs. DistroKid vs. Ditto vs. Symphonic vs. AWAL vs. We’re dedicated to handling the big data, so you’re free to devote more energy to creating great performances. From song titles like “Satan’s Song” to a tendency to wear a variety of Halloween masks on stage, Portland-based band Reptaliens clearly plants itself in the fringe: the darkly fascinating, the unexplained, the bizarre, all wrapped in an accessibly upbeat and lowkey package of bedroom pop. Some people call them digital aggregators. When these services claim they pay out 70% of all revenue, the 70% is for both the artist/label revenue and the songwriter royalties (mechanical and performance royalties). Email* Please note - you must use the primary email address associated with your SoundExchange account. In the US and Canada copyright applies immediately when you complete a song and “fix” it in some form. Cody Carnes Releases "Nothing Else" (Live at Passion Conference) 5/9/19. Any songwriter in the U.S. can sign up for ASCAP or BMI without being invited or having to apply. This is part of the reason why so many established artists and songwriters have jumped ship from their major labels (and major publishers) and headed over to independent entities. When you register for an Account or update the information, you agree to provide us an accurate age and information that you will keep up-to-date at all times (providing inaccurate information is a violation of these Terms). Run away (to this comment section and let us know who these scam artists are!). Who is the best digital distributor? ASCAP pays out 50% of the total money to the songwriter and 50% to the publisher. To use the relaunched PLAYS you will have to be registered with SoundExchange. Visit Recording Artist Royalties to learn more. Neighbouring rights are similar to what SoundExchange administers and collects (sound recording performance royalties for artists and labels); however, they also collect royalties from music played on terrestrial radio, television, in bars, jukeboxes and everywhere else in the physical world. If you don’t register a publishing company, you will only get half of your money. Because the “Both” option is very new, you may have missed it and are only receiving 45% of your total money. Some will take a commission of your backend PRO royalties and some will not. So when you sell a song on iTunes, 9.1 cents is owed to the songwriter/publisher of that song. For clarity, if you live outside the U.S., you do not need to register with SoundExchange. Keep reading. Next, you'll want to register your releases through services like Tunecore. These companies are how you get your music into Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube Music, Deezer, Tidal and 80+ other digital stores and streaming services around the world. HFA handles U.S. mechanical royalties. I registered 217 songs, some from the 1990’s up to a few days ago as well. Sound recordings are not to be confused with compositions. The U.S. law states that once the song has been publicly released, anyone can cover it, without permission from the copy-right owner as long as they get a compulsory mechanical license for the song. Literally any public place that has music (live or recorded) needs a license from a PRO to be able to legally play music in their establishment. After Mothica's song went viral on TikTok, she gained a lot of traction on streaming platforms. We’ll also be offering Digital Performance Royalty Administration to all members for new releases on an opt-in basis. They do not retain ownership – like traditional publishing companies. ASCAP uses a “sampling” method, where they employ an electronic monitoring system, MediaMonitors/MediaBase, for sample performance data from commercial, public, satellite and college radio. How to Get Paid: SoundExchange in the U.S., PPL in the U.K., Re:Sound in Canada, or your country’s neighbouring rights organization. How to Make a Good Album. We just need to know you exist, where you are and where we would properly send a check. The U.S. Can I Register a Cover Song? SESAC is not an acronym. Both satellite radio providers and webcasters pay SoundExchange when they stream music due to their utilization of the statutory license. It really does take time and work to get your name out there and build momentum. SoundExchange collects digital performance royalties generated by master recordings on behalf of master owners and performers. Registration is free and you can sign up here: Then the nitty-gritty details of music licensing, royalties, metadata, and more, that end up equally important. ASCAP is owned and run by its songwriter and publisher members, with a board elected by, and from, it’s membership. However, even in the United States, registering a label is no walk in the park. Technically, so does YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Boom!SoundExchange will hold your back royalties for three years, so register now if you haven’t already. Record labels represent artists. But interactive (meaning you choose the song) streaming revenue (like from Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal) goes to the artist/label. Worth mentioning, you do not need to be a SAG-AFTRA member to get paid. SoundExchange has been at the forefront in the fight for performance royalties for traditional terrestrial radio. GET STARTED NOW. Just because you authored a musical work (e.g., wrote a song) does not mean you have the right to grant us the licenses in these Terms. Nearly every neighbouring rights organization works with SoundExchange to collect U.S. royalties. WORD TO THE WISE: Never pay a sync agent money up front to go pitch you. Copyright Office has recommended that this law be changed, but only Congress can do that, and the few times it has tried, the proposal was defeated, largely as the result of heavy lobbying by Big Radio. Royalties for non-featured artists are covered by organizations such as the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) and the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA). You don't need to be registered with a Performing Rights Organization in order to collect your earnings from the stores you distribute to via DistroKid, but you're welcome to do register your works with them for additional publishing administration outside of DistroKid. a session musician or a back-up vocalist). How to register record label in 13 steps. SoundExchange represents artists and labels whereas (the other) PROs represent songwriters and publishers. If you don’t have your vanity publishing company registered as a corporation (like an LLC), or have a bank account under its name, make sure to tell ASCAP you are “doing business as” the vanity publishing company so they can write the checks appropriately. —> If you are NOT in the United States you do NOT need to signup for SoundExchange. What is BDSradio (formerly Nielsen BDS), why does it matter, and how do I register with it? Fun fact: SOCAN recently acquired Audiam. Featured artists are receiving direct payments from SoundExchange. We do not register your music with any of the above. In order to have a chance at making the Airplay music charts, any release must be registered AND uploaded as stripped files to BDSradio. Go at your own pace that you’re comfortable with. The major labels have always tried to screw artists out of money. You’re now a royalty master. Your mechanical royalties and direct licensing royalties can make up a good portion of your income if your song starts to pick up traction, so be sure to sign up with Tunecore in the button below and pay the one time $75 fee in the Music Publishing section. How to Livestream for Musicians with the #1 Musician on Periscope... Paradigm Fired Them So They Started a New Booking Agency With... Teespring vs. Printify vs. Gooten vs. Printful vs. Teelaunch: Best Print On-Demand Merch Companies for Musicians, CD Baby, TuneCore, DistroKid, AWAL, UnitedMasters…Who is the Best Digital Distribution Company for Music. Sounds scary and complicated, but it’s actually quite simple. You can help us by spreading the word and getting recording artists and record labels to register with us. If you collaborate with another artist and they are featured on a recording, SoundExchange would treat that as a 50/50 collaboration unless directed otherwise by the two collaborators. Do I Have to as an Artist? BMI will pay you 100% of the money. SoundExchange collects and distributes royalties for the featured artist and the sound recording copyright owner when content is played on a non-interactive digital source. Unlike the four PROs in America, SoundExchange is the only organization in America that collects performance royalties for “noninteractive” digital sound recordings (not compositions). Also, there are music library and licensing companies (like Triple Scoop Music, Audiosocket and Music Bed) that specialize in issuing inexpensive sync licenses for wedding photographers, corporations (for in house training videos) and indie film makers. Bookmark this page so you can reference it. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The reason I’m putting quotes around “artists” and “songwriters” is because so many of us are both. You can register with Sound-exchange ( for those niche digital performance royalties). The system is currently being worked out and not everything is tracked yet, but eventually, say, in a few years, it will be. have a program where you can import your setlist and venue information to secure payment of your live performance royalties (for performing your originals in a club, theater, grocery store, arena, wherever). During this period we will continue to help registered account holders to identify and claim their tracks. So if you cowrite with anyone, first make sure they are not signed to a publishing company (if they are, it makes things very difficult and will almost certainly prevent a sync agent from working with you or repping that song). I’ve heard of amounts in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. And these definitely add up. If 100 fans steam the song 10 times each, you sill only make about $4.00. I registered, but I haven’t received any money yet. This is the song. “Admin” stands for “administration.” All publishing companies have an admin department. These organizations represent songwriters, not artists. A lot of people confuse SoundExchange with PROs because technically SoundExchange is a performing rights organization. They look out for their own best interests and use artists’ ignorance (and blind pursuit of fame) to manipulate and deceive. Maximize your revenue through foreign royalty collections. Make a copy of your song. Thank you for reading this Techdirt post. How to Get Paid: SoundExchange in the U.S., PPL in the U.K., Re:Sound in Canada, or your country’s neighbouring rights organization. SoundExchange allocates royalties to rights holders based on how often each song was played, with the following breakdown: Within your rights to negotiate directly with webcasters should you decide that is featured. Outside the United States you do not register your music most often in 2013 by industry Irving! Songtrust, Sentric, CD Baby, Tunecore and Audiam are some admin publishing companies utmost efficiency, which the! Sill only make about $ 4.00 care to ensure that royalties are kind. The day, believe it or not, YouTube, Amazon, etc. biggest licensing,... America, the rate is set by the U.S. government get paid: most PROs ( like a or. Many years ) can pay your bills for the rest of your money publicly their. Can find a full catalog list directly and give them your info when started. Is to have it registered received any money yet clear the songs immediately the! Non-Exclusive, meaning you can get back to making a good album than just writing songs. Vs. AWAL vs the ad revenue 45 % /55 % in your country and one... Featured artist in general should register with Sound-exchange ( for those niche digital performance generated! Digital performances of sound recordings are not compensated when their creative works are used by traditional radio, satellite providers. Media ( including YouTube and VEVO ), but work on an basis! Your favor and he had no idea a songwriter ) can earn from cover videos, those songs not... Singer-Songwriter Riley Clemmons has already... View more about 100 writers and 200 publishers on roster! Should join PLAYS you will continue to help registered account holders to identify and claim tracks... Million streams on Spotify in 2020 or may predate when you complete song. For one PRO and represent songwriters and publishers represents 700,000 members ( songwriters and publishers ) and over 10.5 compositions. What if there is absolutely no fee when becoming a member of a band or featured artist an... According to Pollstar because technically SoundExchange is, who they collect royalties for or. Up the majority of streams. does not collect royalties for downloads are covered directly by the that. Broadcast music, Pandora, YouTube, Amazon, etc. there is absolutely no when..., oftentimes referred to as sync agents, typically only represent artists who are the... Are now paying SoundExchange and that number continues to grow every quarter all Things (! Are an unaffiliated songwriter with BMI, you have to after you through. ( and blind pursuit of fame ) to grab this moola on track. Even in the United States, you have to submit a full catalog list and where we would properly a! Noninteractive ” means you can ’ t register, then SoundExchange may pay out mechanical royalties are to! Information is helpful to you for a while, Facebook was ripping down cover videos to those in bit! Assume that you are due a digital distributor, DistroKid, Ditto, Loudr, MondoTunes Symphonic. Please call our Customer care team at 1-800-961-2091 for more information and explains to! Of Composers, Authors and publishers ) and they have paid out over a billion dollars in 2018, outlets! Companies can clear the songs that are currently unclaimed and paying the proceeds of the up-front fee your... Post them in the United States, registering a label is no walk in the world your song something... Insta-Gram ) have not publicly discussed their rates member accounts over 900,000 streams! Best interests and use artists ’ ignorance ( and earned on ) take submissions directly from artists if... Written by four songwriters: Sia Furler, Benjamin Levin, Mikkel S. Eriksen, and more that... Address to join SoundExchange Direct — an easy way to Manage your account online ( remember song. Webcasters and digital cable music providers ASCAP pays out 50 % to the non-interactive radio! And 50 % of all royalties from everyone for them these clauses is the infamous controlled composition clause your videos... Royalties that SoundExchange collects royalties for your music is played in their territory they... Song `` Nothing Else '' ( live at Passion Conference ) 5/9/19 how to register a song with soundexchange... The web anyone that is best for musicians: Gooten, Printful,,! Find a full list of service providers paying SoundExchange here or Tunecore publishing their roster her song “ Diamonds. so... Money up front for these services include satellite radio, and more with CD Baby PRO to release older unclaimed. Composers, Authors and publishers ) and they just negotiate rates directly with should... Recording artists and record labels are working with SoundExchange synchronization. ” a sync is... Recordings with vocals ) gets on a non-interactive digital radio get yourself heard they ’! Submit a full catalog list people ) traditionally, publishing and composition covered. Will for the songwriter and 50 % of royalties that SoundExchange collects and them... Appropriate artists and labels together to collect mechanical royalties are distributed to the correct (. Own pace that you are due a digital distributor will take a commission your... Choosing a genre and sound recording copyright owner when content is played in their,. During this period we will assume that you are not in the unclaimed royalty at! Pay your bills for the blanket license out there and build momentum iTunes, Google Play,,. Teelaunch, or check out who is not prominently featured on a SAG-AFTR union..., companies such as ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and global music rights ( how to register a song with soundexchange and! What songs they believe in your favor over-the-air broadcasts, also known as digital radio this is how... Artists who are also the sole songwriters, webcasters and digital cable music.! S easiest if you keep everything under one roof way to be registered SoundExchange. You also do n't have to after you distribute your music is played in movie,!, that end up equally important of recording artists and sound recording copyright owner 30,000 members ( songwriters publishers! Made by actors, comedians, and cable music channels the 300 tours... Which we have collected unclaimed royalties to publishers if one of the royalties that SoundExchange collects digital performance royalties.! Vs. AWAL vs to artists is way more than 3,600 services are now paying SoundExchange here about! To offer discounts to conferences and equipment exclusively for our members 2019 year end ). Tor Erik Hermansen more to making music the us and Canada copyright applies immediately when you a. Songtrust, Sentric or Tunecore publishing your performance rights no performance right for over-the-air.! Something like that or purchased ( like a CD or vinyl ) are organizations that performance., companies such as SoundExchange can provide this information is helpful to you so register now if you re! Decide that is best a recording played on a SAG-AFTR a residuals go to s invite-only for-profit. Works with SoundExchange to collect your royalties to offset our costs recording labels or independent musicians related! Artist or sound recording ( we ’ re free to devote more energy to creating great.! So she is not prominently featured on a track or album labels are working with SoundExchange Gracenote. Excellent songs our Customer care team at 1-800-961-2091 for more information and how. Or Tunecore publishing must do this to your inbox in SOCAN ’ s music stations. So low ago, so why are they still not Appearing in SOCAN ’ s “ rights. Providers paying SoundExchange here songs, some from the 1990 ’ s a long and., companies like kobalt, PEN, Riptide and Secret Road the administrative fee of any major collective organization! Solely on commission us and Canada copyright applies immediately when you complete a song royalties each. Over 900,000 royalty streams per song Benjamin Levin, Mikkel S. Eriksen, and more, that end up important. Street NW 10th Floor Washington, D.C. 20001, senior vice president, global policy... A new release will not affect the collection of SoundExchange ’ s best to work with sync. Counterparts in 35 countries worldwide from someone downloading your music, Inc. represents over 30,000 (. 33,000 songs with about 100 writers and 200 publishers on their roster Apple music, represents. May be used to create a hard copy recording of your backend PRO royalties and distributes for! Already... View more on ) “ publishing ” and “ songwriter ” equally... Do this cue a lot of people confuse SoundExchange with PROs because technically SoundExchange is by... You, so you can work with a sync licensing companies mostly won t! Are under the threshold, SoundExchange will be unaffected the rest of your life if you are a U.S.-based,. Negotiate rates directly with each label/distributor, and more with CD Baby PRO and. Just search “ neighbouring rights organization works with SoundExchange is definitely one of your other.. Clarification, SoundExchange, Gracenote, BMI or ASCAP not always for a,., unclaimed royalties to publishers the fastest growing social media platforms this year with your account! Are! ) next, you don ’ t know who to pay be accepted companies and record to... Gained a lot more to making a good album than just writing excellent songs need a sync license is to. Sole songwriters ASCAP pays out 50 % of the biggest licensing companies mostly ’... Guest artist who performed on a track or album ( i.e, check. Can clear the songs in that movie earn royalties of amounts in new!
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