How to grow ornamental climbing plant of Aristolochia tagala - Duration: 6:02. Passiflora Edulis Golden Giant Vine 10 Seeds, Perennial Passion Fruit Climber, Wisteria Sinensis 6 Seeds, Fragrant Flowering Hardy Chinese Climber Vine Bonsai Tree, Vigna Caracalla 4 Seeds, Very Fragrant Corkscrew Climbing Vine, Abrus Precatorius Vine 20 Seeds, Craft Jewelry Beads, Rosary Pea, Cymbopogon Citratus Fragrant Lemon Grass 25+, 50+, 100+, 500+ Seeds, Herb Edible Spice Perennial, Aristolochia Tagala Vine 10 Seeds, Indian Birthwort, Medicinal Dutchman's Pipe Garden Flowers. Large (6- to 14 inches-long), kidney-shaped, deep green leaves are carried in shinglelike pattern to form a dense cloak on a trellis; the vine will cover a 15- by 20 feet area in a single season and is a longtime favorite for screening porches. Leaf blades about 9-28 x 4.5-16.5 cm, petioles about 2-6 cm long, shallowly grooved in the upper surface, usually twisted towards the base. It is a fast-growing, sun-loving slender climber. This is a vine that is found across south-east Asia, from India to the Solomons.