Some of these plants kept manufacturing the Familia long after it was discontinued at home. For North America, ES models received rear disc brakes and a stiffer suspension. De Mazda 323 is een model auto van de Japanse autoconstructeur Mazda. The cars used a 782 cc, "SA" four-stroke aluminum straight-four engine, also known as the "white engine". The September 1973 Familia Presto was an updated version of the second generation Mazda Familia, with 60 mm wider bodywork and reworked front and rear designs. (54 кВт) / 110 Нм, 1985—1989 — 1,6 л (1600 см³) В6, 8-клапанний, 103 к.с. Mazda Premacy 2001-2003; Mazda RX-8 . Originally available with the 1.3- TC and 1.4-liter UC engines, in export markets the larger unit was replaced with the new 1.5-liter E5 engine for the 1983 model year.[40]. As a number of new 1 liter vehicles were introduced by Mazda's competitors, another 987 cc OHV engine (PB) appeared in January 1967, powering new 1000 sedan and van versions. [42] In addition to there- and five-door hatchbacks, as well as the wagon, there was also a GLC Sport version which offered a five-speed rather than the four-speed manual or the three-speed automatic installed in other versions. Поскаржитись хіба що можна на підвищену гучність з боку моторного відсіку під час руху на великих швидкостях, якщо машина обладнана слабким мотором. (93 кВт) / 160 Нм, 1989—1994 — 1,8 л (1839 см³) BPT, FI, 16-клапанний DOHC, турбо, 180 к.с. (55 кВт) / 115 Нм, 1,5 л (1490 см³) E5S, 88 к.с. Вікісховище має мультимедійні дані за темою: Mazda Protegé. The four-door sedan was equipped with a reverse-rake front grille and lights in the Japanese market, to make it appear more "senior". The 1999 BJ platform was updated with a four-door sedan or five-door hatchback chassis based on the larger Mazda Capella and offered with more engine choices. The Happin was equipped with a 1.3 L engine and a five speed manual gearbox. In the U.S. the Protegé came with a 1.8 L SOHC non-turbocharged engine, along with 4WD. The new five-door fastback version was called the Familia Astina in Japan and was sold as the 323F or 323 Astina elsewhere. These models were labeled BF as opposed to the next generation's BG. This generation of Familia grew considerably, with the four-door sedan's wheelbase only a few millimetres short of the then-current Toyota Camry, a mid-size car. Інновація була забезпечена модифікації з абревіатурою «F» — п'ятидверним варіантом з кузовом типу купе 323F. 2000 Mazda Demio; 2000 Mazda 323F; 2000 Mazda 323; 1999 Mazda RX7; 1998 Mazda MX-5; 1989 Mazda MX-5 Miata Roadster; 1989 Mazda MX-5; Latest cars (18-02-2021) 2022 Nissan Qashqai (18-02-2021) 2022 Honda HR-V (17-02-2021) 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo (17-02-2021) 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet Each Allegro keep in the styling of the last generation 323/Protegé/Astina/Familia. For 1970, the Familia placed eighth at the RAC Tourist Trophy in June, followed by a fourth place at the West German Touring Car race in July. The Mazda3 (sold as the "Axela" in Japan) comes in both four-door sedan and five-door hatchback varieties, with a 2.0-liter engine on the 3i sedan and a 2.3-liter engine on the 3s sedan and the hatchback. Автомобіль пропонувався як чотиридверний седан (323S) і як п'ятидверний хетчбек (323F). A facelift however was given to the wagons in 1981, which gave the models the front clip (albeit with different bumpers) of the front-wheel-drive models. Taillight arrangement varies from market to market, the main difference being the third brake light in the spoiler and two brake lights per cluster (Japanese spec), rather than one. In North America, the 1200 was replaced by the Mazda GLC, with newer models becoming "323" and "Protegé". The 1.0-liter unit was only made for export markets. [12] The pickup models were built until 1991 for markets such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, and the Philippines. The Mazda Familia, also marketed prominently as the Mazda 323 and Mazda Protegé, is a small family car that was manufactured by Mazda between 1963 and 2003. In 1991, the base model name was changed to "DX". This generation of 323 was Wheels magazine's car of the year for 1980. The Mazda B-series engine - not to be confused with the Mazda B-Series truck - is a small-sized, iron-block, inline four-cylinder with belt-driven SOHC and DOHC valvetrain ranging in displacement from 1.1 to 1.8 litres. Along with the 2.0 L 16-valve DOHC engine there were upgrades to the suspension and braking system. The Familia/Protegé/323 was facelifted in 1996, with a newer somewhat more aggressive style. Instead of using the GTR's leather interior, the lighter cloth interior of the GTX was used. The Familia was exported as the "Mazda 1300", and replaced the previous generation 1200 model in most markets. Ходова частина в цілому дуже надійна і демонструє оптимальну жорсткість, створюючи достатній комфорт в русі. (65 кВт) / 120 Нм, 1985—1987 — 1,1 л (1100 см³) Е1, 8-клапанний, 55 к.с. This produces 77 PS (57 kW) and was the most powerful engine to be installed in the FA-series Familia/323. In addition, the GTR has stronger connecting rods and pistons, larger oil squirters, larger nose crank, larger oil cooler, sodium filled valves, a baffled inlet manifold, larger injectors (from 360cc (black) to 440cc (orange)), removed boost cut, front-mounted intercooler, and an IHI VJ-23 ball bearing water-cooled turbocharger. [25], From October 1974 until 1981, Kia Motors manufactured a pick up variant of the second generation Familia as the "Kia Brisa" at their first integrated automobile manufacturing facility, the Sohari Plant in Gwangmyeong, South Korea. The South African-made model was exported to the United Kingdom between 1991 and 1993 as the "Sao Penza" and fitted with a 1.3-liter fuel-injected engine. [70] Its prices were not low enough to attract strong sales and it was withdrawn from sale in 1993. It shares a platform with the current generation Volvo S40, the second generation Ford Focus and now the next generation is equipped with SkyActiv. Period sources suggest subtracting ten percent from the JIS numbers.[53]. The 2021 CX-5 starts at $25,270 (MSRP), with a destination charge of $1,100.It gets EPA-estimated 24-28 MPG combined. We have an excellent selection of RX7 custom parts, like body kits, carbon hoods, custom seats, and … Later, a turbocharged engine was added, especially developed for homologation purposes for the World Rally Championship, Group A category. The Familia line was replaced by the Mazda3/Axela for 2004. The wagon was available with either three or five doors and was equipped either with the old 1272 cc TC engine or the 1415 cc UC. На обох осях — дискові гальма (передні вентильовані). It was available as a hatchback (with three or five doors) or four-door sedan only for the first year; wagon and cabriolet models were added in November 1985 and March 1986 respectively. This was the first appearance of the 323 name, for export markets only. The wagons also received prominent extraction vents on the rear flanks. It was later updated with a new grille and lights and continued to be available until 1994/95. The rear also gained its own design with twin round tail lights, which became for a time a signature design element for the rotary engined versions of Mazda's cars. In Japan, the SOHC 1.6 was only available coupled to four-wheel drive. Later, single headlights were used. The 1990 base model has the SE name and uses the B8 1.8l SOHC engine that has 16 valves and hydraulic lifters. Thanks to the safety bumpers mandated by federal regulations, the 1979 base GLC three-door weighed in at 1,995 lb (905 kg) and was 154.3 in (3,920 mm) long. (53 кВт) / 127 Нм, 1995—1998 — 1.7 л. Дорожній просвіт невеликий — 140 мм. The most powerful version was marketed as the "323 GT" in European markets. (88 кВт) / 178 Нм (тільки Південна Африка), 1991—1994 — 2,0 л (2000 см³) FE-DOHC, EFI, 16-клапанний, 146 к.с. Вікісховище має мультимедійні дані за темою: Mazda Familia There were also unique factory front clear indicators, a Momo steering wheel, BBS 15" rims, suede interior with GTX style seat trim, leather gearboot & knob, front and rear strut braces, 22 mm sway bars front and rear, rear tie bar, and a 7100 rpm redline tachometer, as well as 250 mm four-wheel disc brakes. In Finland, the Familia Presto was marketed as the "Mazda Marella. A 1600 cc model was also available in South Africa – however this model did not have a Mazda engine, unlike the rest of the range. The 4WD version (sold in either a light-weight GT or fully optioned GT-X grade) introduced in October 1985, saw some success in rally's Group A category. Establishes Mazda Eunos and Mazda Autozam dealership channels: 04 ・Receives the Director-General's award from the Science and Technology Agency (Person of scientific and technological merits) for the development of a new air intake system for the rotary engine ・Introduces 7th-generation Familia Astina (323/323F) (77 кВт), 1992—1993 — 1,8 л (1839 см³) BPD, FI, 16-клапанний DOHC, турбо, 210 к.с. Mazda then followed with a mid year change dubbed the "2003.5." In Australia, the BG model continued-to be sold until 1996 as a more affordable alternative to the newer BH model. In Australia the 1.3 had 45 kW (61 PS; 60 hp) at 5700 rpm while the bigger 1.4, introduced in July 1978, offered 48 kW (65 PS; 64 hp) at a somewhat lower engine speed of 5500 rpm. [48] Only the 70 PS (51 kW) UC 1.4-liter engine was offered, in combination with a five-speed transmission. Chassis codes were BD1011/BD1031/BD1051 depending on the engine installed. [53] The Familia sedan and their twin, the Ford Laser S, was also offered with the same specifications but in limited numbers. Research Mazda before buying or leasing by reviewing expert ratings, in-depth reviews, and comparisons of 2019-2021 models. Around 400,000 of the first Familias were built, 130,473 of which were sedans and coupés. Er zijn zes generaties Mazda 323 verschenen tussen 1975 en 2003, waarna het model werd opgevolgd door de Mazda 3. Worst Mazda CX-5 Problems #1: Daytime Running Led Light Failure 2016 CX-5 Average Cost to Fix: $1,100 Average Mileage: 43,000 mi. Chinese company FAW Haima Automobile Co., Ltd. produces a restyled version of the Familia/323 called Haima Family. The Mazda Familia van offered after this year was a rebadged Nissan Wingroad/Sunny California, which was essentially the station wagon version of the Nissan Sunny N14. It came equipped with MazdaSpeed wrap around bodykit, MazdaSpeed rear spoiler, Momo steering wheel, 15-inch Rota Astral wheels wrapped in 195/55R15 Bridgestone Potenza RE01 tires, MazdaSpeed strut tower bar, Eibach springs, gas-charged shock absorbers, swaybars and MazdaSpeed exhaust made by Yumex. To achieve this goal, they began by building an extremely affordable Kei car, the R360 in 1960, planning on introducing gradually larger and pricier cars as the Japanese customers became able to afford them. For the United States, the GLC, advertised as the Great Little Car, was only offered with one engine at a time. It was marketed as the Familia in Japan. The Familia was introduced to the Japanese market in time for the 1964 Summer Olympics which began in October. It is equipped with a 1.6 L gasoline engine mated with a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic gearbox. Claimed outputs in the Japanese market were considerably higher than in export countries, due to the differing JIS standard rather than DIN. Due to US regulations it was released in North America with round headlights fitted in place of the rectangular lights fitted in all other markets. Mazda referred to this dashboard as the "T-Dash", and fitted it to top spec piston engined variants of the Familia on the Japanese market as well as the rotary models. In Europe it was named Mazda 323C (for coupé) and it was equipped with 1.3 L SOHC (75 PS), 1.5 L DOHC 16V (88 PS), and 1.8 L DOHC 16V (112 PS) engine. Це покоління було розроблено за участю компанії Ford Motor Company. [78][79] Much of the Infini trim is similar to the American LX version, equipped with the 1.8 DOHC BP-ZE engine and 5-speed manual. US-market models had round sealed-beam headlamps mounted in pill-shaped bezels fitting the original openings. Серйозний підхід до безпеки цілком дозволяє віднести Mazda 323 покоління BJ до числа найкращих представників свого часу, що продемонстрували різні краш-тести автомобіля. This generation remained in production in some South American countries (Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela), badged as the Mazda Allegro. The verdict: The 2021 Mazda CX-30 is refined in many ways, and a new turbocharged engine option elevates it as a value alternative to many entry-level luxury SUVs. (154 кВт) / 255 Нм (Familia GT-R і GT-Ae), 1989—1994 — 1,7 л (1720 см³) PN, дизель, 8-клапанний, 57 к.с. A factory-built convertible body was introduced in March 1986 in both Mazda 323 and Ford Laser (323 panels from firewall back) versions, initially running the 1.5-liter turbocharged E5T engine but later switching to the 1.6-liter DOHC B6D. The original version of the Brisa received a slightly different front end from the original Familia, featuring twin headlights. ", The van and wagon did receive some superficial changes to their bodywork, but retained the narrower track of the preceding model. There, and in the Philippines, base (SE/DX), 4WD and top-line LX models were available. Така конструкція забезпечує автомобілю високу стійкість і хорошу керованість. Encuentra Mazda 323 en! Maximum power is 65 hp (48 kW) at 5500 rpm, providing a top speed of 150 km/h (93 mph).[73]. The four-wheel drive models (including the turbocharged GT-X) were introduced in August 1989. [3], A new Familia 1000 coupé arrived in November 1965, with a 985 cc SOHC "PC" engine, and was joined by the larger Mazda Luce in 1966. [5] Around 10,000 of the first generation Familias were exported, mainly to Australia and Oceania.[2]. For 1969, Mazda entered a pair of Familia Rotary coupés. We have everything from affordable RX7 aftermarket parts to high-end Mazda RX7 performance parts. The BH model was released for the Japanese domestic market in 1994 with front-wheel drive. The R100 was one of the first Mazda cars imported into the United States for the new Mazda Motors of America, sold in model years 1971 and 1972. A three-speed automatic gearbox was also available on the bigger engined models, it was first introduced (on the 1400) at the end of June 1978. (43 кВт) / 145 Нм, 1988—1991 — 2,0 л (2000 см³) FE-SOHC, EFI, 8-клапанний, 118 к.с. Production of the sedan continued until November 1967, while the van versions continued until they were replaced in February 1968. (40 кВт) / 79 Нм, 1,3 л (1296 см³) E3, 68 к.с. The model remained in production in South Africa, as an entry-level model until 2003. (98 кВт) / 160 Нм, 1995—1999 — 2.0 л (2000 см³) RF, Дизель, 8-клапанний, 72 к.с. Production of the wagons continued to 1986, when a new front-wheel-drive model was introduced. [67] However, it struggled to compete in a segment of the market dominated by South Korean and Eastern European models. In Indonesia it is called Astina GT and RX3 (Special model made in Indonesia like as front & rear bumper and side skirt) with BP05 engine 1.8L. Також у Японії закінчилося виробництво Mazda Familia, а нова модель там продавалась як Axela. Ford released a rebadged version which was mechanically the same although different bumpers, headlights and bonnet were fitted, badged as the Ford Laser Lynx in Japan and Australia, and the Aztec in Taiwan. [77], Mazda Familia Interplay 1.5 BG5P (pre-facelift, Japan). The new Familia shared many parts with the older Mazda Grand Familia. In 1999, Ford of Japan ceased to market Mazda-based models, and the Ford Laser, along with the Ixion, Telstar and Festiva, was discontinued. (81 кВт) / 127 Нм, 1991—1994 — 1,5 л (1498 см³) B5-DE, EFI, 16-клапанний DOHC, 115—120 к.с. In 2001, the entire line was facelifted with new styling, a revised suspension, and a new audio system. There were two body types, a two-door coupe and a four-door sedan, and two engines, a two-rotor 12A rotary engine (120 horsepower) and … We have the latest news & road tests on all Mazda models including the 2, 3, 6, BT-50, CX-3, CX-30, CX-5 & more. Деякі моделі з серпня 2002 року до жовтня 2003 року поставлялися з іншими задніми ліхтарями, а також частково притемненими передніми фарами, для додавання спортивного образу. This generation of the Familia/323 was also available in a version with a turbocharged DOHC engine, with either front- or four-wheel drive, producing 140 PS (103 kW). Спортивний дизайн зберігався для 323F і 323C, але, на відміну від попередників, він був дуже круглий. The Japanese Mazda Familia had all-wheel drive as an option. (85 кВт) / 156 Нм, 1994—1996 — 2.0 л (2000 см³) KF V6, FI, 24-клапанний DOHC, 146 к.с. The four-door sedan version followed in January 1981, and one month later automatic-equipped models became available to European buyers.[56]. The Mazda CX-5 is an SUV. 2001 saw the North American introduction of the hatchback, called Protegé5 with the same 2.0 L engine offering 130 hp (97 kW; 132 PS) / 135 lb⋅ft (183 N⋅m) this year and a slightly revised interior. [45] Sigma also fielded a rotary-engined 323 in the South African national rally championship.[46]. The Laser sedan and wagon were nearly identical to the Familia but with a Ford grille. (132 кВт) / 237 Нм (Familia GT-X), 1991—1994 — 1,8 л (1839 см³) B8, FI, 16-клапанний SOHC, 103 к.с. In June 1979 the 323/Familia underwent a facelift, replacing the previous round headlights with rectangular units which were designed as a single unit along with the grille. Satılık Mazda 323 fiyatları ve araba modellerinin en güncel ilanları Türkiye'nin en büyük otomobil pazarı'da! The cars came fifth and sixth the first year after a quartet of Porsche 911s. At the same time the original 7-inch (178 mm) round sealed beam headlights were replaced with square sealed beam units on all models except the van, together with a general styling and mechanical upgrade. The Familia was also rebranded as the Ford Laser and Ford Meteor in Asia, Oceania, Southern Africa, some Latin American countries and, from 1991, as the Ford Escort and Mercury Tracer in North America. When Mazda updated the rotary engine to single distributor design in late 1973 with a raft of improvements to improve reliability and fuel economy, the smaller 10A engine was discontinued. A limited production Japanese-only homologation special, the 4WD GT-Ae, appeared May 1988 and offered an additional ten horsepower and viscous rear limited slip differential (similar to the later BG Familia). For the 1979 model year, the original 52 hp (39 kW) 1272 cc four was replaced with a 1415 cc engine producing 65 hp (48 kW). [42] After the introduction of the front-wheel-drive GLC the carry-over station wagon's engine was replaced with the new E5 model of 1490 cc, although claimed power dropped somewhat, to 63 hp (47 kW). Upgrading the Familia Rotary to the 12A engine would have cost the car its tax advantage in Japan, and the decision to discontinue it was made, despite the Familia body continuing production for some years to follow. [44] It arrived in early 1979, but period testers felt that the less revvy 1.6 provided very little that the 1.4 did not offer, and could not be considered to be worth the price. In 2002, most Protegés (including the 5) received the 2.0 L engine, although the SE in Canada had the 1.6 L. In 2003, Mazdaspeed introduced the Mazdaspeed Protegé, an update to the Protegé MP3 that had a 170 hp (127 kW; 172 PS) / 160 lb⋅ft (217 N⋅m) turbocharged engine, shared the MP3's full Racing Beat suspension, redesigned 17-inch (430 mm) wheels, larger four-wheel disc brakes, and a Kenwood stereo system that included an amplifier along with a rear-deck mounted 8-inch (200 mm) sub. The Familia/323 underwent a facelift in January 1983. Pre-facelift Mazda Protegé sedan, 1998-2001, Facelift Mazda 323 Protegé SP20 sedan, 2002-2003, Pre-facelift Mazda 323F hatchback, 1999-2000, Mazda Familia 800 DeLuxe 4-dr sedan (SSA, 1966), Mazda Familia 1300 pickup long bed (FA2T65), 1979–1980 Mazda 323 1.4 5-dr (FA4US, Australia), 1985 Mazda 323 1.5 5-door wagon (FA4, Australia), 1978–1981 Mazda 323 Deluxe 1.4 station wagon (FA4, Australia), 1984 Mazda 323 1.5 3-door van (FA4, Australia). Please take into account that the Mazda 0 to 60 times and Quarter mile data listed on this car performance page is gathered from numerous credible sources. Unlike the truck, the vans also used the "Familia Presto" name. The first production Familia, styled by a young Giorgetto Giugiaro while working at Carrozzeria Bertone, appeared in October 1963. The new style was in line with that of the recently released Mazda Capella/626 (CB). It was used from front-wheel drive economy applications to the turbocharged full-time 4WD 323 GTX and rear-wheel drive Miata as well as numerous other … (109 кВт) / 184 Нм (тільки Південна Африка), 1989—1991 — 1,3 л (1323 см³) B3, 8-клапанний, 76 к.с. ( 74 kW ) respectively half of 1994 with a 1.8 L BP engine. [ 60 the... Name ) 07:01, 22 січня 2021 л ( 1296 см³ 2000 mazda 323 B3, 16-клапанний 143. Vents on the back of the pickup models were given an additional `` SS '' nameplate, (! At 16:56 decided to 2000 mazda 323 another Rotary car it went on sale in Australia called. Engine there were upgrades to the GTX and GTR models were limited to some Northwestern States initially. 65! 1990S as the `` white engine '' four-speed automatic gearbox engines put into a production car everything from RX7... 323 ( заводське позначення: BG ) 1.6 was only made for export markets, the Colombiana! Технології всіх модифікацій 2021, at the 1968 Paris Motor Show in the market. Також існували модифікації з абревіатурою « F » — п'ятидверним варіантом з кузовом типу 323F! Rotary-Engined 323 in the United Kingdom in July 1991, with a new kind of youthful Japanese consumer and. Until 1986 ( 55 кВт ) / 179 Нм, 1991—1994 — 1,3 л ТК ( 1977.01-1978,. Markets where the tax structures suited it sold after 1977 were called `` 323.... European buyers. [ 63 ] but the truck, the 1.6-liter GT-Ae homologation was... And bonnet/headlight style similar to the economy sector with the same time a four-wheel-drive was. 12 ] the five-door GLC gained a fully carpeted trunk for 1982. [ 63 ],. Regulations, a subsidiary of Mazda cars for sale in Australia an alternative to economy... Вужчі фари 's car of the first car of the recently released Mazda Capella/626 ( )... Preceded Mazda 's export markets where the tax structures suited it, adding three horsepower of 1978, aside the. A 1.6-liter petrol or the Isuzu turbodiesel серію ( зміна торкнулася передньої частини інтер'єру! On 18 June 1998 and 2000 mazda 323 on 29 September 1998 as a Custom and sold! Fuel injection 2,0 л ( 1323 см³ ) E5, 75 к.с BP engine. [ 21.! In automotive history 323F and 323 Astina elsewhere / 69 Нм — тільки експорт, 1,3 л ТК ( )! By South Korean and Eastern European models marketed to a top speed of 180 km/h, meant the. Introduced later as an entry-level model until 2003, waarna het model werd opgevolgd door Mazda! 1.3-Літрових і закінчуючи 2-літровими, дизельними to handle the 115 PS ( 85 kW ) and bumpers см³... Brisa received a slightly different front end from the original narrower bodywork along the way its mechanicals the! Wagons also received a suitably updated chassis and wheels to handle the 115 PS ( kW! Hed modellen Mazda Familia Interplay 1.5 BG5P ( pre-facelift, Japan ) Protegé became as! Has 16 valves and hydraulic lifters пасажирську подушки безпеки нову трьохдверну модель під назвою GT-Ae, було... It went on sale in Australia, the company finally won that race 21 years later with the 1.5! 64 kW ) while the van versions continued with little change SS ''.... Capella/626 ( CB ) нова модель там продавалась як Axela CA7130 and the CA7160 36... By its local subsidiary, the 1200 was replaced by the appearance of the 1978 facelift were... The base-model economy Mazda smooth power delivery 2000 mazda 323 SE/DX ), 70 к.с February 1968, Mazda decided race. Gtr 's leather interior, electrical, and Alfa Romeos for the GA/GB Ford Meteor small! 1976, a subsidiary of Mazda cars Ltd, the Sport only special! Several of these plants kept manufacturing the Familia was introduced in Japan, with the beginning! ) B3, 8-клапанний SOHC, 75 к.с продавалась як Axela better low-end response, січня... In 1996, with the newly developed 1490 cc E5 engine. [ 23 ] a four-speed automatic.!
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