Flounder inhabit bays, estuaries, canals, and structural areas with sandy bottoms. I made multiple flounder gigging outings in March and April to Galveston’s West Bay and found more, and larger flounder than I have in the past five years. Acres of these big girls can be found feeding on the surface and crashing bait as far as the eye can […] As the boat moves forward by push-pole, two people armed with gigs watch the bottom looking for flounder made visible by the lights. Give Capt. Flounder Gigging in Galveston Bay with Captain Corder and the Hook South Show www.gigginggalveston.com While Perdido Bay is split right down the middle in jurisdiction, Perdido Pass actually lies in Alabama. These light builds aren’t difficult and can be completed with a soldering iron, silicone sealant, light source, battery, PVC cement, PVC saw and of course, PVC. Continue with Facebook. You’ll find flounder in a variety of different habitats and at different depths. Flounder Gigging Trip in Matagorda Bay, Texas ***** Must Read.....About Our Gig Handles. I love a fried Flounder, especially stuffed with fresh crabmeat. There were plenty big beds spotted and several fish found their way to my stringer. Flounder will hug close to the sides and backs of these. phone 419-261-4745, Carol, check out http://www.nightstalkerguideservice.com. John B. Super Moderator. My skiff DayBreaker is a custom rigged 18′ tunnel hull with Yamaha power and has the absolute best lighting setup on the gulf coast bar none! Luxury features all around while still all the standard … Thank you, Carol Niese I have caught flounder … Our Freeport Flounder Gigging Charters generally start 30 minutes before dusk, and is a 5 hour trip unless we limit out sooner. Website by Surfing Gator If you would like and if the season permits we can pull a … The gigging light on top was made with a mr16 LED bulb sealed in the PVC with a lexan lens and is powered by eight AA rechargeable batteries. The south shoreline of Galveston’s West Bay has miles of suitable gigging territory. It can be very hard to see beneath the moving water if you use a lantern as your light source, which brings me to my next point. Keep an eye out for this and push that gig down hard. On low water, Flounder Boats have a tough time getting to the fish, wade giggers don't. I enjoyed it, although it is a little unnerving to be walking along in 3' of water and have the light come up on a 2 ft. wide stingray (which looks a lot bigger in the water). Come let’s go Flounder Gigging! … Gigging flounder is an exciting way to harvest flounder along the Alabama Gulf Coast. Shoreline anglers have the option of using either above-water, underwater, electric, and even propane lights. Yes, in my boat! I believe this is thanks to the recent regulations enacted during November and December when these fish are most vulnerable. It runs a 300 HP Yamaha engine and is rigged with modern navigation technology. Our Freeport Flounder Gigging Charters generally start 30 minutes before dusk, and is a 5 hour trip unless we limit out sooner. Our ability and willingness to take on flounder specific trips is influenced by fish activity, your desired fishing location, weather conditions, and our schedule. If you can use the tides to your advantage, the chances of a successful flounder gigging trip will increase tremendously. Pensacola Saltwater Guides provides affordable Guided Saltwater Fishing Services, birthday parties, corporate fishing retreats and much more!! Flounder Gigging Trips ~ Frogging Trips Guided Hog Hunts ~ Scenic Tours Captain Kenny Lewis 850-712-2059 “We get ‘em one way or another” Serving the Beautiful Gulf Coast Communities of Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, Gulf Breeze, Navarre and Perdido Key, Florida. Flounder spawn offshore in waters between 30-66 meters (98-217 feet) deep when they reach 2 years of age. 1-251-747-3126, Copyright 2020 Gulf Shores Charter Fishing| All Rights Reserved | Designed by. Covering themselves with sand with only their eyes exposed, they can surprise any prey. As the flounder move south, they feed heavily on a wide range of prey fish and shrimp. Not a problem! Better safe than sorry. Alerts for COVID-19 & 2020 Hurricane Season Marina Closures 3. There are hundreds of light/lantern setups possible for use in Flounder gigging. Come enjoy fishing with a Rockport Texas fishing charter. Rockport Texas fishing guide for saltwater trout, gigging flounder, and red fishing on Aransas Bay, Copano Bay and Redfish Bay. The south shoreline of Galveston’s West Bay has miles of suitable gigging territory. Flounder gigging is a Texas tradition that lets you experience the best of night time fishing and hunting. When we talk about gigging flounder on Mobile Bay, we’re talking about tradition. Flounder don’t make this move in one big dramatic relocation. They can be found by inshore drop offs. During your 4 hour trip you’ll see flounder, crabs, stingrays, mullet and more! Studies have shown that between spawning migrations, flounder only move a short distance and typically return to the same bay they came from. This was the first release of the project they have been working on and the newsletter is quite positive about what they learned with this first attempt. Do you know of any charters or guides I could contact? Flounder is a very mild, soft, flaky white meat when cooked. Ripples on the bay’s surface will not disturb your visibility as badly compared to a lantern. Perdido Bay offers diversified habitat ranging from brackish water to the north where it is fed by the Perdido River, to high salinity conditions at the southern end of the bay where it spills into the Gulf. Flounder stack up in these areas to feed on bait escaping the flow of the outgoing tide. West Bay Flounder Gigging; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. I’ve gigged flounder in just inches of water, as well as knee-deep water. The ultimate road trip planner to help you discover extraordinary places, book hotels, and share itineraries all from the map. //