The High Scope curriculum is fairly strict in what activities, materials, etc. can/cannot be used. The adoption of new constitutionthe after the country became a democracy in 1994 has provided the basis for curriculum change and development in South Africa. The new curriculum framework runs from this year to 2022 and forms part of the implementation of the recommendations of the Nziramasanga Commission of Inquiry into Education and Training. curriculum change should be implemented (Bantwini, 2009:169). Another disadvantage of extracurricular activities is physical stresses. The curriculum … I'm currently I am in secondary cahool and here are some of the things I find wrong with the curriculum I'm taught. Materials for the program can be expensive to purchase The COR … ... CBM does have some disadvantages. An advantage of curriculum is that it is a structured learning environment and is predictable. In younger children, over scheduling most often takes the form of irritability, avoiding eye contact and tantrums. The teacher does not have to focus on creating a new curriculum and so has more time to focus on the students and the teaching strategies. Children might not always know how to articulate their physical problems, but Scholastic suggests looking for common ailments. Those who are against outcome-based education question who decides what the desired outcomes are, as well as how students, individual schools and school districts are held accountable for achieving the outcomes that are set. This learning style has both advantages and disadvantages when compared to other instructional methods. Rather than sit through a lecture, students going through an activity-based curriculum complete tasks and use their creative energy to guide them through the material while the teacher acts as a facilitator. Another disadvantage of outcome-based education is that it weakens local control of education. Ignores the process of curriculum development Usually has a subject matter focus rather than personalize for each student The public's reasoning about standards is largely misunderstood because of a reasoning fallacy of generalizing that if something is good for an individual, it is good for everyone. (Competition with high-achieving education systems was used as the main justification for setting targets for very young children in the new National Curriculum.) This limits professionals’ autonomy to a degree and may exclude activities and instructional methods that are considered sound, but do not fit the model. New guidance has been issued stressing the primacy of the basics. Cons What are the disadvantages of High Scope?