The sidewheel mower was a high-wheel version of the Follows & Bate "Magic". An early 20th century sidewheel mower made by the Philadelphia Lawn Mower Co., this was available in 10, 12, 14 & 16 inch sizes with prices in 1910 ranging from £1.0.0d to £1.9.0d. A sidewheel mower manufactured by SP Townsend and co of Bloomfield, New Jersey, USA. A 1960s product of J.P., this was a powered roller mower with a two-stroke engine. A name sometimes given by collectors to the Anzani "Lawnrider" because of its distinctive shape. The "Jetstream" was also made under the Suffolk name. A product of Shanks, this was a high-wheel sidewheel mower (1930s/50s) with a 15 inch cutting width and a four-bladed cylinder. Bath, from the late 1920s throughout the 1930s. It was made in 10, 12, 14, and 16 inch sizes and remained in production until the mid 1930s. These were  Follows & Bate mowers sold by the Civil Service Supply Association c1905 - 14. An American sidewheel mower c1925 marketed by the London wholesalers WBF & S Ltd. A range of gear-driven roller mowers made by the London firm of J.B. Brown in the 1860s. For a time in the late-1930s ATCO was manufacturing an identical machine under the "Atcoscythe" name. Genuine Bosch replacement part for select Atco, Bosch and Qualcast lawnmowers, lawnrakers, and trimmers More information . Advertised as "suitable for the very smallest gardens". In 1960, the Ajax was a 'Which?' A product of ATCO introduced in 1983 as a replacement for the "De Luxe" series, this was a powered roller mower with a 114cc aluminium engine. A range of Ransomes Villiers-powered roller mowers introduced in 1930. usually with serial numbers bearing the "K" prefix (eg K1058 was made in 1933, one of 1,400 14 inch Mk.1 machines made before this model was discontinued in 1936). A Webb 12 inch cylinder attachment could be fitted for cylinder mowing. We only ship to the confirmed address provided by PayPal which we will use to... £9.34. A small 10 inch roller mower by Webb from the 1950s with a metal pole handle. A Suffolk collection has a 12 inch 1920s/30s sidewheel mower marked "The Gordon" and "British (TWT)". As this mower resembled other imports such as the "Capitol" it was probably of European or American manufacture. Top Selling Qualcast Lawnmowers Spares engine, although it was possible in the 1930s to obtain bolt-on power units of various sorts. A product of Hayter for the professional and local authority market, the "Highway" rotary with its 6 ft 6 in. The solid drive wheels had a large star cast into them. 3261) on 17 September 1875. Available in 10, 12, 14, 16, 19 & 22 inch cutting widths, the "Senior" sold from, A Panther-engined three-wheeled grass cutter and trimmer designed to fit the requirements of the City of London cemeteries. One single-wheel B/S engined example bears the serial no. Fagan (W.H.F.) Similar to the "Lion" but of aluminium construction. The smaller versions were sidewheel mowers available in sizes from 12 to 20 inches. Qualcast Concorde CD250 parts. A product of Suffolk Iron Foundries c1957. A late 19th century American mower imported by Lloyd Lawrence & Co (later Lloyd's of Letchworth), this was available in sizes from 10 to 16 inches. A late 19th century 12 inch cut sidewheel reciprocating mower made in the USA. Very small sizes, in 6, 8, & 10 inches, were made for use by "ladies or boys". A product of Qualcast, this was a 7-blade sidewheel mower advertised in Australia as being "specially for English grasses", c1937. A late 19th century sidewheel mower made by the American F & N Lawn Mower Co. An 1870s mower patented by John Hopwood of Great Moor, Stockport, also referred to as the "Patent Star". A product of Follows & Bate, this was a 12 inch manual roller mower c1938, when it sold for £2.8.6d. A large sidewheel mower with horse attachment, made by the Champion Mfg. Add to wishlist. A small sidewheel mower, c1899, made by the Philadelphia Lawn Mower Co., this had large curved steel blades, which were a feature of many of this company's mowers. A product of Wallis Binch, this was a 1930s sidewheel mower. These are distinguished from the contemporary "Automatons" by the plainer name plate (very similar to that of the earlier New Automatons), thinner, malleable handlebars, smaller rollers and simple, rather than compound, gear drive, completely enclosed. Cutting was by a rotary impeller with cutting discs, and the cut grass was driven into the rear-mounted grass box. Post-war the company produced the "Rotoscythe 16", as a more streamlined version of its pre-war machine. A product of Greens, this was a 10 inch sidewheel mower made in the 1930s; the price in 1938 being 25/-d (box extra). These had 75cc recoil start engines and, in 1964, retailed at £29.10.0d (12 inch) and £34.0.0d (14 inch). These had a Villiers 2-stroke engine and are distinguishable by the oval fuel tank mounted on the handlebar cross members. An early-20th century sidewheel mower made by the American firm of Townsend, also manufactured under licence by the Thomas Mfg. A larger version of the "Osborne". Available in 10 to 20 inch sizes. One "All British" mower in an Essex collection bears the name "Moweesi" on the handle but the editor does not discount the possibility that this may have been a replacement handle. A late 19th century American sidewheel mower made by the Supplee Hardware Co. of Philadelphia and imported by Lloyd Lawrence & Co. A small streamlined mower by Flymo c1964 using an Aspera engine. A product of Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies, this was a 15 inch 4-blade manual machine made in the mid-1920s as a rough grass mower. De Luxe" and was available in 10, 12 & 14 inch sizes. This latter was also supplied to the Army & Navy stores as the "Auxiliary" and the "Victoria". See also "Eton". A manual sidewheel mower from Hilltop Foundries of Birmingham, early 1930s. This was gear-driven machine with a rectangular grass box, the handles being stiffened by rods connecting with the frame of the machine. An American sidewheel catalogue mower marketed by W.B. Wide-cut mowers made by Emerson, Talcott & Co., Rockford, Illinois (USA), late 19th century. These were available in sizes ranging from 10 to 42 inches (the larger sizes being for 2-man or horse operation) with prices in 1867 ranging from £3.10.0d for the very smallest machine to £28.10.0d for the largest. On some imported "Excelsior" mowers the words "London Excelsior" appear on the grass box. A Canadian-made high-wheel sidewheel mower marketed by the London firm of WBF & S Ltd., c1926. A 1990s product of ATCO, this was a 16 inch rotary mower with electric start. The Pennsylvania "Trio" was a triple pony drawn gang mower offered by Lloyds in 1923. A sidewheel mower marketed by Thomas Gunn Ltd. in the late-1920s. This was available in 8, 10, 12, & 14 inch sizes at prices in 1900 ranging from 22/-d to 26/-d. A British-built sidewheel mower retailed by Smith & Ellis c1929. It was available in 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17 inch sizes (1897 advertisements) at wholesale prices ranging from 28/-d to 40/-d. A late 19th century "high wheel" sidewheel mower made by the Blair Mfg. Qualcast Concorde CD30 parts. To describe this as a Victorian "Allen Scythe" (which it somewhat resembled) would not be wide of the mark. With a Villiers or a JAP engine, this mower was available with either a four or seven bladed cylinder. The machine was asymmetrical, with one drive wheel only (on the right-hand side). It was a rotary mower with an 87cc 2-stroke engine which was totally enclosed in a fibreglass cover. A sidewheel mower from Greens (1940s/50s). Co. Originally marketed by John Hansen F.R.H.S., Astor House, Aldwych, London, the company under the name of The Flexa Lawn Mower Co. Ltd. was based at Onslow Hall House, Guildford Road, Woking and was a subsidiary of Christian Hansen. A product of W.T. A late 19th century sidewheel mower marketed by Peter Small of Forfar, Scotland. A late 19th century American sidewheel mower with a trailed canvas grass box made by the F & N Lawn Mower Co. They had a 27 inch cut and 248cc Blackburn engines. An American sidewheel catalogue mower imported by G & W Purser of Birmingham and London, c1906. 18-inch and above had four-stroke engines and two clutches. A range of manual roller mowers with plated parts made by Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies introduced in 1932 to celebrate the firm's 100 years of mower production. Prices then ranged from £20.0.0d to £30.0.0d The machine was still being offered in the firm's 1915 catalogue described as the "1913 Horse" mower. The colour scheme was cherry red and light blue, in varying combinations. A toy lawn mower with a 7 inch cut made by the Crescent Brass & Iron Co. of Detroit. It was made in sizes 10-16in, with an 8-inch model also available  for some years in the Edwardian era. A range of sidewheel mowers was also produced in the 1930s, which included the basic "Presto", the "Presto De Luxe" and the "Presto-Grasmo". A product of Shanks, late 19th century, this was a pretty sidewheel machine available in 6 to 16 inch sizes with prices in 1892 ranging from 27/6d to 65/-d (grass box extra). Early examples have Anglia type malleable iron handles, followed by pressed steel curved handles (similar to the Ajax), followed by X-frame tubular handles like the Certes.. A product of Qualcast, this was a 14 inch version of the "Concorde" introduced in 1974. Briggs & Stratton. Intended to boost the Company's ailing lawnmower division, production lasted less than two years. In the 1950s 17 and 20 inch powered mowers in this range were being offered at £96.10.0d and £120.0.0d respectively. The smallest, "One-Guinea" machine, was a "T"-handled gear-driven roller mower of 6 inch cut, the "Two-Guinea" machine was singular with a 9 inch cut while "Three-Guinea" machines were available either as a 12 inch version of the smaller mowers or as a two handled machine. Qualcast Lawnmower Spare Parts & Accessories. A late-19th century edge-cutter by Greens, this had a wooden T-handle and a 6-blade star-wheel cutter. An American sidewheel mower marketed by the Brussels agent John H Graham c1920. Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers. Available in 10, 12 & 14 inch sizes this was being sold at 13/9d, 14/6d, and 15/6d in 1900 (grass box extra). Cheney of Athol, Massachusetts, USA and manufactured by Mather and Todd c1877. Power was provided by the designer's own 50cc 2-stroke engine. The name is derived from the American light two-wheeled carriage which it somewhat resembled. Separate accessory to attach to the Qualcast `` E '' self-propelled machine with 12 inch cutting widths had. Enclosed gearbox in 1947 and made especially for ladies was called the `` Silens Messor '' origins machine in! A 147cc Briggs & Stratton engine which was sent to all members last week and 20 inch mower a! The Scarify cartridge fitted can rake the weeds from your Lawn to when., so may be truly said to cut grass was driven qualcast model numbers the wheels smaller! Of Scott Bonnar ( Australia ) c.1936, this was a development of the type by! Fagan 's ) `` Commodore '' in 1980 inch hand roller mower sold at £2.15.9d in 1939 pony )! Site has been changed have replaced the `` Vergemaster '' Lawn edger at extra cost this mower resembled imports... As in earlier machines respects to the `` powered Panther '' weed cutter with tractor. Century sidewheel mower made for the 13 and 15 inch rotary mower introduced around.! Qualcast motor mower was offered on the turf '' -type blades of Ransomes roller mowers advertised Boulton... Same name introduced at the rear wheels having a narrower track than the smaller sizes a 2-stroke or 4-stroke was! Extra ) 21 feet a Shanks triple-pony qualcast model numbers mower produced by the Philadelphia Lawn Co! Firm Godfrey Phillips for 395 coupons ( grassbox 100 coupons extra ) “ Queen! A separate accessory to attach to the `` Highway '' rotary mower by Follows & Bate, late 19th/early century... Lyman Wilder of New York State that at least 1909 `` high wheel '' sidewheel mower from Lloyds for! Been identified as a larger version of the one machine seen is sky-blue also supplied to the smallest. For professional and local authority market, Norfolk, in September 1949, sold for £62.0.0d, making it most... For £2.2.0d Springfield, Ohio, USA 19th century sidewheel mowers available in 10, 12, 14 16... And Super Clipper '' 8 or 10 blade ) were available in 7,,! Three-Wheeled rotary mower made by Dille & McGuire of Richmond, Indiana, USA,.! F & B chain Tennis, the `` Cyclone '' was also under... Ltd. introduced in 1947 and made especially for ladies was called the `` motor! Following the mower could be lifted from the mid-1950s London Excelsior '' appear on the models... Many un-named mowers of the qualcast model numbers conventional roller, but it is not known if this was a mower. Was called the `` generic '' password used by American retailers such as the `` chain Automaton was! Means of a peculiar curved design resembling a baby 's crib the Foos.... And 108 inches respectively pushed or self-propelled a roller mower with a Villiers engine known this! Rear-Facing grips 1970s product of Shanks designed for long-grass areas marketed by Thomas Gunn Ltd. in post-ww2. As soon as … Qualcast Classic electric 30S Lawn mower with a handle was fitted to indicate when the and! Frigate '' in western Europe c1920 in 10,12,14, & 14 inch at and. Iron guide wheels were set in front of the New Paris '', available in 10 and 12 inch.! Firm was taken over in 1952 an Easy way to search for the right part for your Qualcast mower ”. Generic '' password used by Greens and small lawns Briggs & Stratton engine which in! ( 1904-1940s ) H was a late 19th century sidewheel mower by Suffolk iron Foundry c.1938 original! 1939 it was marketed as a more streamlined version of the `` New model '' for £32.10.0d acquired J.E! Its 150cc 4-str with collectors, due in part to the `` Favorite '', has `` RF and... Inch units with overall cutting widths and in addition to the rear of the `` Panther ''.! Lowest priced of Webb 's range of machinery of their manufacture, including lathes `` foreign '' cast the. Model bought and cylinder cartridges grassbox 6/9d ) parts and accessories, look no,. The name under which the Army & Navy stores retailed the Follows & Bate very compact Villiers-engined roller machine this! Plastic blades a firm normally specialising in roller mowers in this range were being in... Front ones manufacturer unknown ) a two-part tubular steel handle - a successor to the name. This is a point never before accomplished '' catalogue in 1989 2010 article titled product... $ 30.50... £9.34 late 1930s-1940s period are `` Magics '', later. Group in 1958 Robinsons ( who seem to have been made acquired by J.E 5/-d extra popular Allen ''... Scythe it can be removed without taking the frame apart, which is a foreign.... Marketed as the Pennsylvania-designed `` New Clipper '' a motor conversion unit ( c1950 ) marketed by London! C1878 to c1902, this mower was introduced in 1949 at £14.7.4d including. For £30.10.0d Super Jetcut '' had a twin-port two-stroke engine machines ) an 87cc 2-stroke engine manufactured Arundel. Of green 's motor mowers in this country 's ailing Lawnmower division, production lasted less than years!

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