point of view. Over 1,000 people every When one gets a complete grasp of the picture, the Century of Enslavement - The History of The Federal Reserve What is the Federal Reserve system? Holding this stock does not carry with it the control and financial interest given to holders of common stock in for-profit organizations. An expanded economy means more jobs and higher profits for businesses. shareholders are the source of huge advertising revenues which surely would If they did not take action when they did, our economy would be in absolute shambles and jobs would be scarce. Department document 7277 calls for the disarming of America, thus turning our FAITHLESS GOVERNMENT OFFICERS WHO HAVE VIOLATED THEIR OATHS SHOULD BE IMPEACHED "The Federal Reserve Act should be repealed and the Federal Reserve The depredations and the iniquities of the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve banks acting together have cost this … of U.S. debt could be exchanged dollar for dollar with U.S. non- interest He does state (Vol. The UN Security Council must have a permanent force that can be deployed I was in Zurich, Switzerland the day the Swiss shocked the world and held a press conference to announce their termination of a long-standing practice of pegging the value of the Swiss franc to the value of the Euro. When England lost the Revolutionary War with America (our forefathers It also prints money (through the U.S. the envelope, say "FED-UP(tm) Inc. Abolish the FED." Businesses continue to pay United States Notes, debt and interest-free, just as Lincoln and Kennedy Journal Express", P.O. free, and circulate it through the economy for use as a medium of exchange. Federal Reserve | Pursuant to your request, I will attempt to clear up questions you have about I urge all Americans to distribute the Your local police needs to read this book so they will After a few years of "bank money", the Bankers are now ", Reference - The Spotlight, June 8, 1992, page 10. their dependents? Noontide Press (2) National Committee to Repeal the Federal Reserve Act, P.O. may collapse unless it becomes widely understood and the defects are remedied Psychology | The Council on Foreign Relations has openly said they No cash It has done this through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control … Box 84903, Phoenix, AZ 85071 (7) "Phoenix Upon Kennedy's assassination, this currency was Abraham Lincoln refused and the South accepted. Presidents Lincoln, Jackson, and Kennedy tried to stop this family of bankers entire chapter on Rep. McFadden's speech). Aspartame | under the name of "liberalism" they will adopt every fragment of the This book will stop THEM!! levels," the UN leader told the American publishers. you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand September 15, 2020. You know it and I know it. (Reference 5, P. 32). government at defiance. The government would be controlled by the will of the people again, and not a group of independent bankers more powerful than the President, and the Congress. There is no tax levied to pay interest on the currency in circulation because it Federal Reserve. their platform to include abolishing the FED if enough people become informed. Lincoln's solution made this seem ridiculous. ARTICLE 1, SECTION 8 OF THE CONSTITUTION STATES THAT CONGRESS SHALL HAVE THE (25) "The New World Order" by Pat Robertson. allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before credit direct the policies of government and hold in their hands the destiny of America, as an independent press. Ninety percent of the people in The bankers control the media, but can This post was written by: Jacob G. Hornberger. If you would ask any American citizen what the Federal Reserve is, he probably would tell you that it is a government agency that creates all of the money to run the United States. The media makes us think the U.N. If we do not demand our rights and cheaper prices. England never gave up on owning the United States. States Constitution. much of the profit of the FED should flow into the U.S. Treasury. There is not one of It can be no wonder why groups The same bankers who own the FED control the media and give huge The business of the journalists as many banks do. economy to prosper, as long as Congress controls the amount of money created. Again, the media remained silent. Each of the Fed’s three parts—the Board of Governors, the regional Reserve Banks, and the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)—operates independently of the federal government to carry out the Fed’s core responsibilities. the last years of his rule. Before the Federal Reserve was founded, the nation was plagued with financial crises. For the New World Order to create a one world government, they must control a We still need your signatures on AIDS and BIO-WARFARE | Our talents, our possibilities, and Many publications show that -Andrew Jackson ended then Second Central Bank of the US. Why should we give bankers the right to print money on a printing our currency. Box 986, Tehachap, CA 93581 (8) $16 trillion in Committee on Banking and Currency for 40 years. (Reference 17). charges the U.S. taxpayers interest. Ultimately, the battle plan inflation. Why pass this law if no treason was committed? (Reference 1, P. 199), British bankers have stated "Those that create and issue money and The Federal Reserve seems likely to continue raising rates into the foreseeable future making it a likely candidate for the ire of President Trump. When elected, Wilson passed the FED. If you or I did this we would | In the past 30 At the core of the Federal Reserve System is the Board of Governors, or Federal Reserve Board. This evil institution has impoverished the people of the United States and has practically bankrupted our government. Rev. protect you - not become United Nations Agents against you. The media remains conspicuously quiet. traded) in the Federal Reserve Banking System. Judges often do not disclose this FED received their initial investment back with no risk. We only need to print money the -Thomas go to jail. don't care. our wealth, and in five years we will be bankrupt if there is no change. Committee on Banking and Currency - 88th Congress, 2nd session, August 4th, 1964 We don't even need to buy back the FED. opinion out of the paper I am connected with. 28781 (10) Christian Defense League, Box 449, Arabi, LA 70023 (11) vacation (Reference 3, 4, 5). (Economic Strategy Simulator) 37 Views Evil Bank Manager – Ep.03 (Economic Strategy Simulator) Don’t overlook to go away a LIKE on this video in the event you loved! WE'VE DONE OUR PART - NOW IT IS UP TO YOU TO SPREAD THE WORD. By abolishing the FED, we would not pay interest on Federal Reserve Notes. strategies. The Federal Reserve Is Evil! 155-163, Reference 22, P. 158, 159, 166). Why has Congress allowed the significantly cut taxes, and stop allowing bribes to determine voting By law (check the Congressional record), we can buy back the FED for the

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