This is due to the alpha frequencies being the closest to conscious awareness. During meditation, the brain shows theta waves predominantly. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Although there are a variety of sensations that you can experience during meditation, in reality, only four things can happen during meditation: You have awareness of your mantra or the focus of your meditation. The deep relaxing (friction) breathing helps to move your energy between chakras making the intensive connection and your whole body start to vibrate (you can learn how to consciously move this energy) and how to let it flow. Waves of the above relaxation travelled down my core and out each appendage only to reflected back inwards. Theta wave frequency, between 4-7.5 Hz, is the most intriguing in that it occurs during light sleep and deep meditation and is where the subconscious mind is accessed. She's often depicted as a snake who sleeps at the base of your spine - when she awakens you feel her energy shooting up the spine, it's often described as a vibrating wave of pleasure, or something similar to a full body orgasm. I have done this meditation a few times since. Be willing to take a risk. ...NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy. In Jnana Yoga "the Self" is considered pleasure and light, but the pleasure belongs to "the Self", or alternatively, to no one, since "the Self" is a temporary thought. So if there is no mind activity at all then where do we go during deep sleep? Ricard claims meditation is the secret to his blissful success. Seems my attunement def worked. He was Professor of Philosophy at Jabalpur University in India until 1966, and he is a pretty amazing Psychologist. During this morning’s session I had a strange sensation. There is a period during which we dream and then a period of no measurable brainwave activity at all. I have touched the face of God. Every now and then when I'm meditating and focusing on my body, I'm able to 'dial up' the tingling sensation to the point where it feels like my body is glowing, and these waves of pleasure seem to flow from head to toe. When you move the mind out of the way feelings of joy, bliss, happiness, love and ecstasy present themselves to you. If we think of God as the centre of the energy that holds this universe together. Fasting. I had a number of these orgasms over a period of the 70 minute meditation. 3/22 Tourangeau Cr Varsity Lakes Gold Coast Qld Australia. Other schools simply acknowledge that they occur and do not give them any special importance. I tend toward the latter school. When the mystics talk about religious ecstasy what was their actual experience? By Eric W. Dolan February 11, 2020. This seems to be the consensus. Recently while meditating, after about 10 or so minutes, I have started experiencing waves of pleasure going through my body. I let go during the meditations and the affirmations felt so good Like they released a blockage. If it is that would be very interesting! Deeksha. Just sitting there all by your self, alone with your eyes closed. Have you noticed that the best orgasms occur when you totally let go? These gamma waves are intertwined with attention, learning, memory, and consciousness. How did you deal with it if so? The paths of love and meditation start by being diametrically opposed but love eventually becomes meditation and meditation eventually becomes love. While these obviously feel good, they are distracting and not what I want to achieve through meditation, I meditate to help deal with insomnia/anxiety and to … What does the meditator experience in deep meditation? The BBC's Matt Danzico reports on a US neuroscientist who is scanning the brains of Buddhist monks in the hopes of understanding the science behind tranquillity. These three types tend to elicit significantly different EEG patterns (brain waves) and regional activations. Confirmation for me thank u. I jus started practicing reiki and I noticed that during g my meditation if I put my hand on a chakra I saw the correlating color. I've always had the ability to relax and invoke a tingling sensation throughout my body. So ordinarily you would sit with a straight back but tonight you sit or stand as you are… relax… and just find a spot to look at… don’t stare at the spot… let it be a gentle gaze… and notice that while you continue to look at that spot that you can see all around you in your peripheral vision… you see at school we were told to focus on our work and to concentrate… that forces us to use the colour cones of the eyes of which there are few and it puts us into the conscious mind and makes us tense… however when we move into peripheral vision we use the rods of the retina which are associated with black and white vision, that is our night vision… there are many more B&W rods than colour cones and the vision is indistinct and it equates to our unconscious mind… when you are in peripheral vision you can notice shadows…. Continue practicing, pay no special attention to those sensations. Physicists tell us that the universe is held together by electrical, electromagnetic and gravitational type energies. It came with a basic set of programs much like a computer but you have to learn how to do the rest. And any space that you can get to with a drug you can get to with meditation. Light, as I'm talking about it, is any inner light and any outer light. The right hippocampus is associated with no-mind states, positive expectations and inner vision. Visions of naked dancing devas are one type of experience. Authentic happiness. It feels like I could (if I wanted) keep the intensity rising, but I don't ever seem to let it rise past a certain level. you’ve never felt so in love… you feel intensely alive… and the voice continues to speak to you…you know it is not you speaking to yourself… there is a presence…. In Jnana Yoga "the Self" is considered pleasure and light, but the pleasure belongs to "the Self", or alternatively, to no one, since "the Self" is a temporary thought. During Theta frequency, it is thought that a multitude of characteristics can be tapped into and affected, ranging from creativity and problem solving, to intuition and even physical healing. But it must have something going for it, otherwise people wouldn’t do it, right? If you make a great chocolate cake is it enough to store it in the freezer or do you want people to eat it? If you look at this wonderful universe you will see that it made up of energy that manifests in physical form. For a moment I felt as if I was resonating. In fact we have two brains which is one of the reasons why we experience internal conflict and can be in two minds about something. When you higher your vibrations during meditation (by breathing and intend), you start to feel your light (astral, etheric) body (electric sensation). My advice if you think it will work for you (maybe it will, maybe it won't), and what I've started trying to do, is try to fight with your brain and beliefs to connect meditative pleasure and feeling with light as much as possible. I am not a neuro scientist but I would like to try and give you a rough description of what goes on in our brain. A felt presence of angels, love and God are associated with the left amygdala and are usually reported to be experienced over and behind the left shoulder. Now if we cast our minds back to the earlier part of the discussion regarding the ecstasy of orgasm being a result of entering a no-mind state then you should be able to see that the description of what occurs in the brain of a meditator is similar to what happens during great sex. The parietal lobe which is associated with visuospatial processing and the distinction between yourself and the world quietens giving you a sense of oneness, hence the descriptions that meditators give of being at one with the universe. These MRIs showed something more permanent: denser gray matter in specific regions like the hippocampus, which is crucial for learning and memory, as well as in other areas associated with self-awareness, compassion, and reflection. During meditation, theta waves were most abundant in the frontal and middle parts of the brain. During a tantric massage we will move the energy in the body to release any blockages or tension allowing the energy to flow more freely throughout. Also the right prefrontal lobe which is associated with anxiety quietens down and the left prefrontal lobe which is associated with happiness, joy, bliss, compassion and altruism becomes more active. Shows you're moving out of your 'normal mind' standpoint. Wasn’t sure if it was wishful thinking or actually happening. The students had a bed, food, water and a bathroom but no other stimulation. You may also experience light-headedness, a tickling sensation, muscle contractions, and other unconscious body movements. Cosmic orgasms. The Tantrika focuses on sex to the exclusion of love and prayer. Neuroscience study finds evidence that meditation increases the entropy of brainwaves. I think the waves of pleasure your experiencing are the awakening of your Kundalini energy. Have you had this tingling experi nice before? Being conscious in a dream. Sex, love and prayer. That's intriguing. If you allow the energy to just be and go into it with awareness the energy will transform into something higher. And it sets the tone and serves as a guide for us to use in our meditation. Don't really do anything special at all, except meditate simply whenever or however I feel like it. 4.9 Hz - Induced relaxation, meditation, introspection, and a deeper sleep. The purpose of light visualization in Buddhist meditation is to apply mindfulness or focused mental presence to circumstances in which the mind would ordinarily wander, such as when doing the dishes. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. What is it? And the same goes for you and me. So work hard and make Him very happy. The feeling that I am God. Delving into pain. I felt like I was in Love with everyone It was intense. Osho reckons that meditation developed out of an interest in what happens during the peak of sexual orgasm and what happens during deep sleep. Buddhist meditation methods sometimes involve visualizing or imagining a holy light, but this is different from actually seeing lights. You enter the stillness between thoughts, commonly referred to as “the gap.” The second time around I definitely felt waves of pleasure flood my whole body during the ``allow`` part. May I suggest that letting go just means the mind is moving out of the way? I’m super excited about this. You don’t NEED a beautiful environment to meditate, but you can sure enjoy it when it’s available. Over the last 50 years there have been major advances in brain research and neuro scientists have been able to accurately map out what occurs in the brain during meditation. No it is not common to feel intense waves of energy when meditating. it's your 'chi' or 'prana' or 'etheric' awakening/moving. 5 Hz - State of unconscious problem solving. Did you know that for all the differences between religions they all share some similarities? It was already known that during meditation brain wave activity increases in areas like alpha waves. Just think of all of those monks who lock themselves in a dark cave for six months at a time. With meditation we practise bringing awareness into our life. I think one of the greatest compliments we can give a cook is to ask for another piece. The mind is silent - what next? Ever wonder what your body is going through when you deliberately shut it down for 10 to 20 minutes during a nice, solid bout of meditation?. I find it strange that I have a pretty significant level of control over this feeling. I love all of your meditations so much!! The bottom line on all of them is that during meditation we can sense subtle energies in the body (or even in the energy field around the body). Now what makes a creative person happy? Uncontrolled gamma waves can cause anxiety, so it was a surprise when (now famous) experiments monitoring the brain waves of experienced Tibetan meditators during practice showed that their gamma waves were actually two to three times higher than the resting level – an extraordinary level of alertness even though they were in a profound, relaxed state of meditation. According to Ayurveda and other Eastern healing systems, each color relates to a specific chakra or energy center in the body, so when you see a given color, it means that healing is taking place in that area of the body.

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