This is why it is very important to wash your … There is strong evidence that it is useful in managing acne, rosacea, and other skin conditions. The ocean is P – A – C – K – E – D with minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients, and even the sunshine at the beach can give you a healthful boost. Make sure to drink water before heading to the beach as well as when you are sitting on the beach or by the pool. Some of it comes from diet, but a good portion also comes from the sun. My daughter will more likely find a shady spot to enjoy a good book. “Smooth skin will just look and feel better,” says Lexi Miles, founder of Waxon wax bars in Toronto and Halifax.. “Go and have a swim at the beach, that’ll clear it right up.”. But before you toss away your sunscreen and hit the beach, ... you should protect your skin by applying a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or greater. Just make sure to keep yourself protected from too much sun, by wearing sunscreen. Below you’ll find the top 5 reasons to take a beach getaway this weekend! The magnesium that is so good for your skin is also shown to improve overall well-being. 3. While no single sunscreen will fix all of our problems, the best option at the moment for eco-conscious beachgoers is to swap out those chemical sunscreens for what are known as physical sunscreens — i.e. Apart from its ultra-hydrating qualities, seaweed boasts anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. I like to walk on the beach and daydream. Allowed HTML tags: