Dark Awakening. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Transformers G1 Jetfire battle Armor Variant Bust Statue 91095hsdt84125; Bei einer Tasse Kaffee und belegten Brötchen treffen sich die Lindweiler Einwohner mit Mandatsrägern aus der Politik und Mitgliedern des Veedelsbeirats um ohne Tagesordnung über die aktuellen Sorgen und Nöte im Veedel zu sprechen. Conflagration, Long after, Jetfire and Omega Supreme were sent out into space to search for the missing Ark as part of one of the last Autobot space programs. Contemplating how he had neglected to accept all possibilities during his struggles with Sunstorm, mainly ones of divine origin, Jetfire flew grappled with his opponent until Sunstorm went critical. They built a harvester, and Ironhide decided it was time to beat up Decepticons. Aerialbots over America! Activation, Skyfire was amongst the Autobots who once more confronted Megatron and his Decepticons at the Trigger in Earth orbit. $39.99. Get the best deal for G1 Jetfire from the largest online selection at eBay.com. Make a review! He nonetheless gave The Beast a blast from his rockets as a parting gift. Recognizing Jetfire's scent despite the unfamiliar body, Steeljaw asked if he was the same being as his old warrior acquaintance. He managed to pick up Springer and Wheeljack's unconscious forms before meeting with Optimus, still on the run from The Beast. In this era, The Fallen attacked him again, only for Jetfire's surroundings to shift once more. The Autobots returned to the Ark and discovered that a statue of Snaptrap that the Decepticons had gifted to New York was actually Snaptrap in disguise. Crossing Over #1 Learning that the Decepticons were staging an attack in South America to secure a new energy source, the Autobots traveled to face them, with Jetfire meeting with their aerial force as they tore through human-piloted jets. You're here. The War to End All Wars, Part 4, Jetfire and the Autobots returned to Cybertron, only to find it overrun by shadow-demons that could turn Cybertronians into more of their number. Buy It Now. Fire on the Mountain, Following strange reports of giant robotic insects in Bali, Skyfire carried Brawn, Windcharger and Spike there, only to discover a field being consumed by the Insecticons. The ship was attacked by the Decepticons, and Jetfire set the spaceship on a crash dive towards Earth. He was able to make contact with Autobot headquarters, despite Soundwave's attempt at garbling his communication network. Attack of the Insecticons, Jetfire was the Autobots' resident technological genius. The Omega Effect Indeed, Omega Supreme did not end up emerging victorious from the encounter. Quote. (Some would say "religiously", but not in his presence.) Though Jetfire protested the arrangement, Bumblebee was the first to take on Sunstorm next, while Jetfire was left behind to keep an eye on Starscream. Transformers Diamond G1 Exclusive AFX Statue Bust Variant Armor battle Jetfire 5523cpfxg45014-Transformers Roboter. Destiny, Part Four He provided a smokescreen cover for the Wreckers' vessel to land on the Warworld and infiltrate it. Prime desperately needed to get to Earth or else Megatron would beat him there. Games of Deception, At another time, Jetfire fought alongside Prime, Ironhide, and Sunstreaker in order to protect some humans from Thrust, Dirge, and Ramjet. and when the rivalry ended in a duel staged on Earth's moon, he was among the Autobots who watched. After a brief scan, Jetfire concluded that it hadn't been Sunstorm responsible for this, but rather Starscream, who had betrayed them and fled.

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