To answer the question, how long does a dental negligence claim take? Free legal advice from a friendly solicitor. We’ve helped people claim hundreds of thousands of Pounds through medical negligence and NHS negligence payouts. For example, this could be the supplier of a particular piece of medical equipment that contributed towards the mistake that caused the injury. The Leading Specialist Dental Negligence Solicitors in the UK. This means if you lose your case, you won't have to pay any fees and therefore, there’s no financial risk to you. Dental Negligence Victims get the maximum compensation. Request a Callback. No Win No Fee available. Severe brain damage. At Patient Claim Line, we operate on a no win, no fee basis. The health service was faced with a … Our expert legal team are here to help determine the amount of your compensation if you believe you have an NHS negligence claim. In another case, a woman confined to a wheelchair after negligence in the delivery of her child resulted in £12.4 million. These include: For each NHS negligence claim for compensation, the amount received differs based on the damages incurred. We have years of experience in pursuing damages for clients who have been a victim of medical negligence. They are far less likely to be settled without going to court, and in the most serious cases, the impact upon the liable party is extreme if they are found to be at fault. Is Claiming Medical Negligence Compensation the Right Thing? NHS dental negligence compensation claims. You would be completely out of pocket. This figure has increased significantly, now totaling more than £1.7 billion. If you are ready to begin your claim for dental negligence compensation, you can use the contact details at the bottom of this guide to get in touch with us. 0808 301 4002. Assessing each claim to calculate the amount of damages to be paid out is a complex task, making it necessary to get in touch with us if you believe you have an NHS negligence claim. We will then offer you a completely free legal consultation session. In 2008, the NHS paid out £538 million for negligence compensation claims. Other notable NHS negligence claim statistics include: In order to have a successful case for NHS negligence compensation, it is necessary to break down damages into specific categories. We are owned and operated by the UK’s largest Medical Negligence law firm. Specialist solicitors with up to 30 years experience. In these cases, a valid reason to claim compensation will exist. Have you been the victim of dental negligence? A gross negligence case is pursued when the dental professional has blatantly disregarded the health and well being of their patient. Are you ready to begin making a compensation claim for it? When visiting the hospital, the expectation is that we receive medical care and treatment that makes us better. Is very difficult. The amount of your NHS negligence payout depends on several factors revolving around the injury and losses you or your loved one incurred as well as any costs needed to help your recovery or help ensure you live the best possible life now and in the future. Dental negligence occurs for a number of reasons. Our dedicated team recognises how important it is to receive what you deserve to cover pain and suffering, loss of earnings, and other damages you incurred because of a blunder with the NHS. Wrongful Death victims get maximum compensation; Free legal advice from a friendly solicitor. While the amount received after harm or injury at the hands of NHS staff varies greatly, there have been recent cases that have made headlines, due in part to the amount received. It will walk you through the things you need to do before making your claim for compensation for dental negligence. Dental damage can cause not only pain and suffering, but also financial damage for those looking to replace, and treat their broken teeth. Below is some advice with regards to the things you can do to prepare for your claim, before contacting a solicitor. Certainly, something that you are going to need an experienced solicitor to undertake for you. NHS trusts’ negligence payouts treble to £1.4bn NHS trusts in England paid out more than £1.4bn in medical negligence claims last year – a near threefold rise […] By Paul Gallagher Every dental practitioner is expected to keep the health and well being of their patients, at the forefront of everything they do. Make sure that you ask the doctor treating you to note their opinion on how well the injury will heal, and how long it is likely to take. A dental negligence claim may NOT be started more than five years from the date of the injury or the act omission. How Much Compensation Can I Claim For Misdiagnosis? Citizens Advice on NHS dentist complaints. If we don’t win, you don’t owe us anything at all. Negligence may be a missed diagnosis, an incorrect prescription, or a botched surgery, and each of these cases results in varied harm or injury to the individual. But in a handful of cases each year in the UK, a dental practitioner or other medical staff working in the dental sector, makes a mistake that leads to the harm of their patient. This figure has increased significantly, now totaling more than £1.7 billion. Company no. If you need some free help and advice about a dental negligence claim, we are more than happy to assist you. Contact a dental negligence solicitor – at this stage, you have all the facts of your claim straight and are ready to brief a solicitor accurately. call us on: 100% No Win, No Fee Claims What can be claimed for due to dental negligence? Therefore, the likelihood of a mistake being made which could lead to a serious injury is far higher than that of merely corrective and preventative dentistry procedures. Dental malpractice claims are pursued for a range of reasons, including badly executed surgical procedures, inaccurate diagnosis of a condition, and the prescription of the wrong medication. Severe brain damage, for example, suffered by an asthma sufferer due to incorrect treatment at hospital could give rise to NHS average compensation payouts of: Up to £354,000 100% No Win, No Fee Claims Nothing to pay if you lose. In the next section, we look at medical malpractice and negligence. Trustpilot. Vicarious liability – in this type of case, a third party is being apportioned part of the blame for the injury caused to the patient.

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