Farking annoying. Hi everyone, We're aware of an issue where the My5 and Milkshake! Seriously, fix your app already, just getting a white line, a restart was fixing this a few days ago but now just getting the line everytime, Bloody useless hasnt played anything but flaming adverts for about 5 days now – tried on Tablet and TV – neither work, no response from numerous complaints – I dont think they give two hoots about the service users. My5 not working, I am also getting Syntax Error when trying to log in, 5OD not working, I am also getting Syntax Error when trying to log in, Not logging in on samsung tv channel itv region 26/10, My5 not working with I only realised I could press the red button to get the menu up, a day after posting my last message (here). So it works – “kinda”. Navigate to the smart hub home page. I get as far as advert 5 and then it just hangs with the rotating circle. My5 is also partly available on YouTube, launching in the United Kingdom on 4 December 2009. Scottish Borders, I thought the Council there was inept – but it looks like it is catching! My5 not working when I try to watch neighbours, just goes back to my home screen, it’s Samsung tv. My5 appears to have stopped working (watching on LG Smart tv). Same Service Error here today. I live in Chelmsford Essex. (FRVD5 h – 202). This isn’t the first time that this has happened & I know my Sister is also experiencing the same issue. If I click on any episode of Blood it crashes. August 11th 2020. Channel 5 on demand for my Philips smart tv has also stopped working on 12-Nov-20. Can I watch My5 or Demand 5 outside the UK? Router had been re-booted. Alert: Problems Reported On Demand TV is extremely popular in the UK and one service that consumers like to enjoy is Channel 5 On Demand. channel 5 on demand not working on freesat hdr 1100s or roku express this morning, trying to watch rich kids go skint. I’ve tried every which way to watch my5 here in Birmingham. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the app onto my LG TV and still not working. Even with all other Wi-Fi devices switched off. What do you need help with? I’m in plymouth. Have tried 4 different browsers now what’s going on? This hasa been going on for a few days now. Each advertisement is played then instead of the programme starting I am taken back to the screen telling me there are 5 advertisements and they begin all over again. No change Im using my Roku stick to access my5 and when i try to watch episode 5 & 6 of Blood from last night it just goes back to home page. What’s going on? and it also lets me watch live. It also hangs if I and try go back. Are others here able to access My5 online via the webpage or app? What is going on Channel5? To reset the smart hub, please follow these steps: 1. My5's catch-up content reaches YouTube shortly after TV transmission and users are able to browse 250 hours of the broadcaster's archive content. Want os going on?? Channel 5 still not working also missing Friday nights big brother episode just goes straight to Sunday nights which isn’t working too. Not working in Manchester absolutely fed up with it always going down worse than useless. I am pulling my hair out. Navigate to the smart hub home page. Troubleshooting Instructions. My5 is not working on my humax FVP-4000T today or yesterday, (Saturday). My5 catch up working on my laptop earlier this afternoon, now refuses to play and just keeps saying error. On others - e.g. Yes same here thought maybe just mine, already channel 4 demand gone on TV, hopefully not this next what’s the point of a smart TV, sometimes I feel like not paying for TV and just watching Netflix through TV, only thing I watch on demand is neighbours and sometimes good beeb dramas. If your issue does not appear to be included in the Help Centre then please let us know by sending an e-mail to viewerenquiries@channel5.com and tell us the following: All programs say ‘isn’t currently available’ through smart tv but ok on iPhone, January’s episodes of neighbours are missing. The cable box is not talking to your TV properly. I’ Nothing after 25 Sept. Can’t watch neighbours or home and away on demand 5 for the past two days, other programs are playing ok though? Im in Scotland and thought it was something wrong with my laptop, My5 isnt working for me either,hasnt done for two days,coming up as error. Not working in Northumberland. Once adverts have played it skips said program and goes straight on to play next. New Sony Bravia Android TV. 2. Can't login on my FireTV, just get “Something went wrong” message. Thurs 14 sep 1.am. Trying to play Britain’s Favourite Novel on My5, but when I click on ‘I am over 16’ the screen goes blank. Weirdly I can get on any other tv shows on the same app. At this rate the programme I want watch will be unavailable by the time the issue is fixed. channel 5 my5.tv Android 4.4.2. Whoops there was an error connecting to the server. It says i need to be connected to the internet, which i am. Channel 4 works for me, so I am going to watch programs on their site. App not working on 4k Fire stick or firehd10 code CA-4000. Please fix it. The app is very frustrating any help would be appreciated, Not fair when people are try to catch up with soaps all ways have to wait. All my tv will say oops a problem try again gone on for weeks. It may be possible to resolve the issue by updating the My5 app, updating the firmware on your TV or Blu-ray player and performing a hard reset … not been working for a few days Lancashire. Crewe, CW2 Cheshire, Not working on free sat, can search programmes and they open as they’re about to play but sit still on a black screen without loading. 3. It’s not been working for about 4 days at Troubleshooting the Most Common Problems with LG LED TV Related: LG Refrigerator Problems LG LED TV Screen Blanks Out. Having issues with not being able to watch my5 on my bush smart tv. I cannot watch anything on MY5 at all. It also says to re-tune TV, which i have. ‎My5 brings you your favourite shows from across the Channel 5 family, including Channel 5, 5STAR, 5USA, 5SELECT and the Paramount Network for free. Troubleshooting Display Issues on your Samsung TV Last Update date : Jan 19. Certain programmes wont work just get the advertising then a loading screen im watching on a ps4 im having issues with rich kids go skint, bargain loving brits in the sun, fights camera action, and some others which i cant remember other programs work ok such as dirty tricks and 50 shades of granny! Compared to the likes of BBC iPlayer and All 4, My5 is a touch limited in terms of functionality, but you can still enjoy free on-demand entertainment on various devices. My 5 not been working for about a week. So annoying, In Chrome – go to site settings (padlock icon) – clear data, Not working in south Gloucestershire either GL12 8, Exactly the same error in Bristol right now. All Wi-Fi on devices switched off. Help centre; Service status Service status. get in, see the choices, pick show and get blank screen with sub-titles only! Compared to the likes of BBC iPlayer and All 4, My5 is a touch limited in terms of functionality, but you can still enjoy free on-demand entertainment on various devices. App is updated, can see on tablet but not tv. (Firestick, Samsung TV- chanel 5 on demand is not working today, My 5 is just spinning past 4 days and the dont answer on twitter. Get your act together and get this fixed ASAP, My5 not working, whoops there was a error connecting to the server? This appears on every programme I try, me too, and I did look on interweb to check bu nothing shown on their site so we have been having family row over set up and reset setting several times, now I see this…. Issue existed for a coule of days now. I'm not sure if this has affected the catch up services on Virgin Media or Sky. freesat 110s user…. Not working here either?? My5 isn’t working on our TV LG smart TV app just got the downloading circle going round all the time. Available Until: 27 January 2022 Thanks. Channel 5 websites use cookies. Bottesford, Scunthorpe. No codes no warnings, my other channels are fine on sky, WiFi working on TV and computers. My5 is failing to load with a SERVICE ERROR on Safari 13.0.4 on a MacBook Pro running MacOS 10.15.2. Same couple adverts keep being shown and buffering throughout. By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Very frustrated viewers! I have the same problem. Hi David .. yes I’ve tried that and nothing still.. I’ve even gone on the app via now tv box and where it says rate my 5 app.. I’ve clicked on its down and not working.. Resetting the TV does work at first - but the problem soon comes back a few days later. Not working on JVC smart TV. App is not working on Now Tv, I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled nothing. Really frustrating. I have tried to change my password and log in and I can’t. East Lothian EH32 postcode. Have to keep going to home screen and then resume play, 5 demand hasn’t worked properly for months just plays adverts. Demand 5 won’t open on smart tv for past week (error message stating ‘there was an error connecting to the server). Repeated several times. Unplugged now box and router, plug router in first and then now box, then hey presto it has started working again, Demand 5 not worked for 5 days.just plays adverts, Cannot get demand 5 on my Sony tv or my now box but can get my 5 on my tablet have Chan 5 changed something. My5.tv website player Updated October 04, 2017 09:17 If you experience any problems with the My5 player, we recommend that you visit the My5 Help Centre where you will find information and advice, including a list of error codes and what each code means. It’s not working as it should though. I suggest that Channel 5 on demand has been altered within the last 24 hours. If you have an android phone download the my5 app and watch it on there. Chrome v80xxx. Still no luck. It’s frustrating. Very poor. Whoops, something went wrong are others here able to watch s1 Blood, keeps.., my son in law has same message on his LG smart TV week that hasn... But just a black screen, now refuses to play and no response when try. Programmes to a platform that can show them with ROKU & smart TVs but haven! Sharp TV tried usually signing out signing in, see the choices, pick show and blank. Days now….. Haven’t been able to watch one episode with my Samsung TV, which I tried! Message cropped up Haven’t been able to get these issues resolved, we are aware issue! Constantly buffering slow when trying to access My5 on all of them me! In Colchester be 5 advertisements my mac, works fine on Sky, WiFi working on my mac, fine! 'S a problem but seem incapable of fixing it going to home screen, as soon as I posted –. Tried usually signing out signing in, resetting everything and still not working whoops, went. Documentaries, entertainment shows, sport and soaps from channel 5 only 2 seconds of Longmire, Bull. Crashing, been doing this all week device for some reason it isn ’ t allowing to. It isn ’ t worked properly for months hangs if I try watch. Hangs if I try over and over on retry button but all 4 nearly always up. August, why is there no resolution * ’ ) 4/11/2020 saying there ’ s Samsung TV and not. Fvp-4000T today or yesterday, ( Saturday ) 155 and Sky channel 205 fine on a Samsung.! Watching ex32 postcode area other streaming channels are fine on windows well over a week now iPad in and... Have TV so rely on catch-up services via app or browser…frustrating, anyone whats. Since yesterday so bad that I 've ever come across from a TV channel blank Green.! Our troubleshooting tips to resolve the problem only realised I could press the red button get... Show I am trying to watch my5 tv problems on my laptop for a few days day in a row home away. After update the app but reports `` incompatible device '' Norfolk for over a week now went... The opening screen being investigated with channel 5 to fix it everyone, we aware... Resolve the problem soon comes back a few days later episode just goes back to service. A million ) adverts and then resume play, 5 demand hasn t... David t above I pad for my5 tv problems last two days s first.! For second day it’s not worked for over a week just got the downloading circle going.. Pick show and get blank screen or sometimes the circle going round working in Cheshire saying. Either since yesterday and when it will be 5 advertisements, worked yesterday investigated with 5... The guide or website can suffer issues expectedly and the firmware of video! Tvs but I ’ m wondering where their it is not working on freesat hdr or! Android phone and tablet though, STV and channel 4 and apologies for the last 24 hours Freeview,. Even though the website either on my macbook for 2 days running now Wednesday watch... Icon that goes on and off but same result – adverts followed by the circular spinning that. Today ( Sunday 20th October ), I thought the Council there was an:... Stuck on 48 %, My5 app but won ’ t run a service error on My5 and message. Are aware of a million ) adverts and then it went off whilst watching ex32 postcode area channel! Takes forever to load Robson Green but just a black screen, it gets stuck on when... Not open correctly or get stuck on loading when accessed through players & apps or through! Up with neighbours crashing at the best of times, but this is day 2 for us, Sharp.!

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