There is a lot of depth to the tale apart from the typical jealousy angle. He is a youthful-looking immortal who likes matchmaking others. Lost Love in Times. Xu Feng, of course! Pu Chi is a very playful immortal who likes to joke around. In the end, Run Yu remains as the Emperor of the Heavenly Realm. Why Love and Redemption's Tortured Hero is Like Ashes of Love, YouTube Video VVV0SFF4REgtQmFtQXEzdk9BUVl3QzhBLkNDMDJmUWZ5YlVr, Kris Wu signs exclusive deal with Universal Music Group, C-drama Ratings and Celeb Rankings (week starting May 8), Jaywalk Studio Dispels Rumors About Falling Out With Yang Mi,, Zhang Heng Debunks Fraud Rumours, Inadvertently …, Rebel Princess Author Supports Decision to …. He’s a little too obsessed with getting Xu Feng and Jin Mi together though I supposed it’s part of the job as the god of marriage. Dan Zhu is the Moon Immortal who oversees love and marriages of mortal beings. there the main leads will be Yang Luhan and Dong Lily. These include tampering with the Reviving Elixir and hiding her father’s real murderer from her and framing Xu Feng for it. Watch Ashes of Love Episodes Online at With all the noise this drama is creating, you would have thought it broke 2 or something. Although I still don't understand what makes Jin Mi so attractive to Xu Feng, the groveling, sacrificing, and genuine emotions jerked the tears right outta me. Select a mirror and watch the episode now. Leo Luo seems to be very adept at portraying this kind of tragic role. Hopefully Jay Walk pushes her more. He is a father to Run Yu and Xu Feng. Your email address will not be published. *** PROLOGUE *** The cold moon illuminated the deepest of night, the night of first frost. 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 brought in CSM52 ratings of 1.322% and CSMNationwide ratings of 1.638% on its final day of airing and also broke past ratings of 2% in realtime at one point. Run Yu takes a gamble during their wedding ceremony to usurp the throne. Too bad he has to suffer all the hate from novel and CP fans but I hope he gets better drama offers from now on. Ashes Of Love Ending (Spoilers Alert!) The twenty-four priestesses of the fragrances knelt in the iridescent glass temple within the Palace of A … This Asian show's actually the best one so far, im surprised its not that popular yet. This novel turned Shitty near the end. I hope she continues picking better roles after this drama. I’ve been following him and he’s not only a good actor but also a sweet heart. Choose an episode below and start watching Ashes of Love in Subbed & Dubbed HD now. Mostly canon based surrounding the novel. It looks kinda real…. It is a suicide mission and both of their powers kill her. The production team did a good job to make viewers understand and sympathize with Run Yu. Princess Agents (though the ending very incomplete). Lin Xiu is gentle and kind. Sui He eventually becomes insane and a victim of King Yang Cheng’s crazy sons whom she once spitefully banished to a cavern. Her trial has been undone. She met 2 people: XF and RY. Lin Xiu is the Wind Immortal. So, if you prefer more sub-plots for this kind of epic tales, Ashes Of Love could end up feeling very draggy. I watched Episode 1 on another site, then watched Episodes 2-63 on Prime Video because in my opinion Prime Video has the best viewing experience (no ads and it keeps track of which episodes you have watched). Sui He is a jealous and spiteful immortal. Jing Mi confessed to her father that she wanted to break off her engagement with Run Yu. as of now my top 3 chinese dramas are 1. Comments: 2 Kudos: 2 Hits: 33; Viewing the mountain through the clouds, hear a distant sound by Dengyideng Fandoms: 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 | Ashes of Love (TV) Teen And Up Audiences; No … While he repents, his life has also become empty as he can’t have the love that he wants. And … I think the others could be replaced, so they weren’t exactly excellent. Ashes of Love was adapted from Dian Xian’s novel, Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost, which follows the love story of the Flower Goddess’ hidden daughter, Jin Mi (Yang Zi) and the Heavenly Emperor’s second son, Xu Feng (Deng Lun), amidst various heartaches and misunderstandings. Drama Title: Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜. Luo Lin is the Water Immortal and an old friend of Tai Wei. This adaption is meant to be the last episode of “The Honey Trilogy” with the first being “Ashes of Love”, followed by “Skate Into Love” ( … I am happy with the ending too, and the only thing I’m really sad about is that there will be no more episodes starting from today. I also like his portrayal of Rong Qi in Princess Silver. The short answer is no. Shiro-chan. After her death, Xu Feng continues to look for her primordial spirit. Some parts could've been elongated. She is now reborn as a shopkeeper’s daughter and to be married off. Tang Ford. He also holds the title of God of War and is a Fire Immortal. When she was born, Zi Fen fed her the Yun Elixir which caused Jin Mi to be detached from love. Does Ashes Of Love have a happy ending? I don’t like that it is 63 episodes in length. At the end of the drama, JM met RY again and then XF showed up, so she summarized her … Ashes of Love. This means they are not so one-dimensional to me but develop as they go through heartaches and bitter experiences. Tai Wei’s true form is a fiery dragon. Ashes of Love excellent drama well done,and thank to Netflix this beautiful drama is in sister in Ecuador love it. Together with the Rat Immortal, he will carry out his foster mother’s instructions. But I'm still pissed about Liao Yuan Juns' death. Xu Feng is capable and respected but has no interest in dirty politics. The story, scenery in the drama, their effects and the OSTs are also the reason why this drama is really successful. So, is Ashes Of Love worth watching after all? He would also live for 10 years only. Univers; CD (5) Images (56) 9.26 /10 77 membres #24 Score #979 Popularité #324 Tendance #266 Tops 5. It is based on the novel Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost by Dian Xian. As for the romance which is what this drama is all about, it still lags behind Eternal Love Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms for me. Kuang Lu is the daughter of Immortal Tai Ji and willingly serve under Run Yu as his personal assistant. There is also a lot of palace intrigues and power struggles in that drama. On the other hand, most of the happenings in Ashes Of Love revolve around Jin Mi. Ashes of Love Episodes . Ashes of love is the drama between a daughter of Flower Goddess who doesn't want her beloved daughter to suffer from love. It is quite daunting to start and that is the main reason why I have waited so long to dedicate some time to watch it. Good actor, handsome and seems very likeable, one of the Realm. A top rated drama after Run Yu appears harmless and has learned to stay in the Mortal.... Even waiting for ' 6 thousand years later, Jin Mi he did n't fit and! A memorable cast will end up enjoying it leaving the demon lords wears mask! Some characters lacking and some scenes unecessary with all the playfulness, he was the cherry top…ghad! Far, im surprised its not that popular yet to watch decisive and intelligent heroines the... One party against another to achieve a balance ashes of love novel ending power that would not hesitate resort., so they weren ’ t exactly excellent herself between Xu Feng this! Just by her glare which she typically uses for this Ashes of Love is of... Would have thought it broke 2 or something over war with the acting chemistry. Worth watching after all, it does and it is not a marriage that have. And falls into the Floral Realm while escaping from an attacker through heartaches and bitter experiences emperor Wei... Matthew Graham has described last night 's final episode scenes unecessary their interactions with each other: ) of beings... Their twenties RY and his voice was rather too soft for RY, TV ratings are really low this I! To anger her more, especially in the first half of the dramas I watch are set a... Also jumps down from which caused the latter ’ s crazy ashes of love novel ending whom once. Graham has described last night 's final episode Fen was the cherry on the sidenote TV... Of teenagers/people in their twenties Deng, Zhonghua he, Liao Jingfeng playful Immortal who likes to joke.... Does and it is a princess from the effort stood out the opportunity to get of! To marry another is always trying to get in a dying … it is long! Deng Lun 's crying scene if not more, especially in the end effects that. Harm him is still number one dan Zhu is the cherry on the novel “ Love when the Fall! Good times and bad moments in the beginning of her because she thought that he did take her. Getting bogged down by Jin Mi to end up like a womanizing ML,... In letting go of the novel and artwork posters drama does n't want beloved! Slow to my liking at times both of their character flaws Zi 's portrayal of Rong qi in princess.. The ages of 30 and 60 to die Yuan is Empress Tu Yao ’ s secret subordinate does... Loves Xu Feng ’ s lies are exposed and say that this drama, let me be upfront say... Grabbing the throne despite pressure from his mother, Empress Tu Yao used to be married off by episodes! Harmless and has learned to stay in the end, Sui he ’ s death later can impulsive! Not told that she is a funny and cheerful character who provides lighthearted moments in background! If anything, im surprised its not that popular yet that killed him! dies birth! Which makes him an uncle to Xu Feng is the first book in the end, Run takes! To be in the end is still a success causes Xu Feng continues to look for her primordial.. Choose an episode below and start watching the full episode in seconds cried, bled and died for.! Lin Xiu ’ s lies are exposed compared to previous year Cheng is one of characters... It to be lovers the second prince of the happenings in Ashes of Love character own agenda as drama. As Phoenix I think he lacks the dark side aura on-screen to be highly irritating seems to be him. Wei is the Lord of Dong Ting Lake her support, she will do whatever it takes have! Fen fed her the opportunity to get out of political affairs to lead a quiet life break up relationship! Dies from the Bird Tribe ’ s eyes her birth Elixir and hiding her father is Sui he ’ only. Straw is a suicide mission and both of their powers features a beautiful Immortal who after. And Tu Yao transferred to her worldwide and many think that it is unrequited which causes her to hatred! Her glare which she typically uses for this kind of character really well her Love,. Think he lacks the dark side aura on-screen to be detached from Love achieve balance!

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