All Dogs go to Heaven Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. All Dogs Go to Heaven: Add a photo to this gallery. She said her one last good-bye to Charlie and goes back to sleep. He returns to Anne-Marie with his final goodbye with a personality fully developed into a certain fatherly care for her. Lana Beeson did Anne-Marie's singing voice for "Soon You'll Come Home" due to the song's mood being too intense for Judith to sing herself, which is because of the physical and mental abuse she was being put through. King Gator soon came to Charlie's aid by setting him free and wreaking the ship which causes the cage Anne-Marie was in to fall into the water. He often tries to have his sidekick, Killer, killed but manages to convince himself not to each time. ... All Dogs Go to Heaven 2. DreamWorks Pictures Film and Television Films. The prediction comes true and they celebrate their first win. Along the way, they run into a seven-year-old girl who runs away from home who can also talk to animals known as Anne-Marie. She shares the same hairstyle with Wendy's daughter, Jane, from Disney's, She looks like a child version of Snow White from Walt Disney's, Anne Marie shares some similarities with the character Penny from. And unlike Carface, he was more than willing to give her anything she wanted and to keep her happy as long as it gave him what he wanted out of her. It finds out Carface has enriched by fixing the races thanks to little Anne-Marie and her foretelling powers. In the morning, she went to 402 Maple Street to return the wallet to Harold and Kate who offered her breakfast and when they learned that she's an orphan, they talked privately about adopting her. At first, she refuses by saying that Charlie is just like "Mr. Carface" because he keeps asking her to ask the horse; but when Charlie said that they would use the money to help the poor like Robin Hood in the bedtime story, she gets excited and asked the girl horse about who will win which turns out to be a horse called the Grand Chawhee. They both make a cameo to together in Trolls Park. The next day, she was taken to the horse stables to asked one of the horses who will win the race. All Dogs Go to Heaven; Created by. Affectionate Nickname: Charlie calls her "Squeaker". By sacrificing his life, Charlie has once again earned a place in Heaven. At the end of film, when Charlie leaves for Heaven once more, he leaves Itchy behind with Anne-Marie so she has someone to care for him. She seems to be around David's age making her birth year around 1930 or 1931, however there is no known fact of her specific age. As he looks back towards Anne Marie sleeping peacefully one last time, Annabelle tells Charlie to come home. You know, Goodbye isn't forever", indicating his heart will always be with her and there for her in spirit. Don Bluth based Anne-Marie's design and mannerisms on Judith Barsi herself to honor her memory and cope with her tragic death. She is named after animator Anne Marie Bardwell. One could speculate that the reason Anne Marie never appeared in any further films in the franchise or the tv series was due to the tragic circumstances surrounding her portrayer’s (Judith Barsi) death and it was to respect her body or work and memory; as Don Bluth was very saddened by her passing and had plans to use her “extensively” in future projects. She was in the basement of Carface's casino when she was first seen by Charlie and Itchy (and the viewers). With the money they earned, Anne-Marie buys new dresses and Itchy builds a new casino for Charlie. Animation. When Carface tells Killer to feed the girl and leaves without another word, she reminded Carface that he said she can go outside only to be responded by the shutting of the door leaving her all alone. The character was designed specifically with Reynolds in mind for the role and the animators mimicked some of his mannerisms. He makes his way there to find she has gained a rapport with the family and pleads her to stay with them. Anne Marie is the young female tritagonist of All Dogs Go to Heaven. As she is distant, she screams as she is being kidnapped once more by Carface and his thugs. Anne Marie predicted from a horse that the horse with a birthday would win. An All Dogs Valentine (1997) An All Dogs Easter (1997) Anne-Marie was soon seen walking slowly down the stairs and overhears Charlie telling Itchy that he was pretending to be her best friend to use her for business and that when they're done with her, they'll dump her in the orphanage. She woke up and saw Charlie next her saying good-bye to her and asks her to take care of Itchy. They are deemed by Charlie to be some of the poorest people he knows. She's a young orphan girl with the ability to talk to and understand animals. Judith Barsi is the voice of Anne-Marie in All Dogs Go to Heaven, and Sakiko Tamagawa is the Japanese voice. They feed Flo and her puppies pizza and cake. Anne Marie was voiced by the late Judith Barsi in her final role and her singing voice was provided by Lana Beeson. Barsi's first role was in Fatal Vision, playing Kimberley MacDonald. He begs her, "What about Anne-Marie?" D&D Beyond When she learns that Charlie's gambling and not even looking for parents, she packs up and tells Charlie she's leaving. Why 'All Dogs Go to Heaven' is the most disturbing kids' movie ever. As they walked though the marketplace, Carface and his minions shot Charlie with a ray gun to Anne-Marie's horror. This is Anne-Marie from All Dogs Go to Heaven. Johanne Garneau. The movie was released nearly a year and a half after her tragic death. Anne Marie overhears Charlie's arguing and venting to Itchy about the burden she has caused them. She is a sweet, innocent, generous, fun-loving, compassionate, well-mannered, gentle & kindhearted little girl who cares for and talks to animals and longs for new parents of her own rather than living a rough life being treated like property by Carface Carruthers. She can talk to all animals, which helps Charlie gamble, as well as Carface. At the end of the film, Annabelle defeats the evil spirit that tries to claim Charlie after he drowned saving Anne Marie. Charlie sees her happy there and pleads her to stay and that he would make it somehow, but her love for Charlie, she leaves their residence and goes with him. Anne Marie and Charlie start to argue, Anne-Marie was Heartbroken, Charlie looks for her at the residence and one of Flo's puppies tell him that she went to see the Wallet Family to return the wallet. Anne Marie has a sweet, innocent personality with a big heart and is able to talk to animals naturally. She's an adorable, innocent, kind, loving, gentle, fun-loving, sweet, cute and very beautiful little girl who dreams of being adopted to goodly parents. Gifs: We all wish we could give her a big hug. She spotted the wallet on the ground with the wedding picture of the couple she saw before and realized that Charlie stole it. She discovers Charlie has stolen money from the couple she was fond of to create their winnings.
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