I will definitely post more African recipes. bag frozen spinach 1 lb. That is one thing that kills it for me that draw olive oil 1 bouillon cube 1/2 onions diced 1 smoke turkey beck bones (cut) Directions: Directions: Season beef and put in medium sauce pot with smoked turkey neck bone. I told her it was spinach and collard greens. So if you are dealing with fresh spinach, you could follow this method. Cover it up and leave to cook for 10 t0 15 minutes. She thought it was njama njama. AFRICAN SPINACH STEW WITH CHICKEN AND SHRIMPThis spinach stew is made by sauteeing onions then adding in tomatoes to cook and finally some chopped spinach. That picture of the "finished product" with a slice of pear by the side is GIVING ME LIFE! Remove meat and add remaining ingredients, except for spinach. Turn the heat down to low, allow to simmer for 30 minutes. Season with Thyme, Curry powder, White powder, Black powder, Salt and stock cubes. […], […] need to do is thaw the spinach and squeeze out the excess water. Then you need some sort of meat or fish of choice. Add in the spinach and … african; beef; ethnic; exotic; indian; leftover turkey; nigerian; paleo; pumpkin seeds; smoked turkey; Next > … By now most of you all know that I like Turkey wings and I have a couple of recipes here to proof that: If you are familiar with making stews that contain peppers and Tomatoes, you will discover that when you blend the peppers, it tends to come out too watery which will result in a longer cooking time. In Nigeria, the vegetables used for Efo Riro are 'Efo Shoko' (Lagos spinach) or 'Efo Tete' (African spinach). easy food for busy mom. All soup menu served with any of the following. In true foodie fashion, I tried replicating the meal when I got home. At this point, don’t bother adding any extra water, the liquid in the blender is sufficient enough to blend it. I am not a big fan of vegetables ( I lived with my aunt one time and I ate so much vegetable I just didn't like it again) but I would totally eat this with pounded yam, garri or rice. Yorubas call bitter leaf Ewuro and the Igbos Onugbu, every part of the plant is beneficial from the stem, leaves, and root. My dear Precious someday when I come to the US I would love to stop by your house so I can have a taste of some of your sumptuous meals. And I love to tell stories too. Enjoy with any fufu choice. Scatter in the Maggi, sprinkle in salt, add smoked turkey and dried fish or whatever meat/fish you are using. Wish I could send some to you. Mr N took the meal to work and when he got back home, he said, "that vegetable was gooooooood!". This Turkey stew is a classic affair. This is made in heaven for pounded yam! HOW TO SMOKE MEAT AT HOME - AFRICAN STYLE. Spinach leaves alone have a bitter taste and are sold fresh or dried. Been eons since i ate a proper organic "butter-pear". I eat them with stewed anything! Rinse the leaves then chop. I love it! But my veggie soup must have pepper o. More About Me…, Copyright © 2020 Precious Core on the Brunch Pro Theme, spinach - frozen or chopped, blanched and squeezed (1132 grams), meat/fish - I used smoked turkey and dried fish. Turkey stew is one of my most beloved comfort food of all time. Plunge the spinach into the boiling water then cover for 2 - 5 minutes. Reduce heat and simmer until the oil separates and the sauce begins to fry, about 30 minutes; … Now add the boiled pepper stir together, cover it up eave it to cook for about 10 to 15 minutes stirring occasionally in order to prevent it from burning. I eat them with grilled chicken. I will share a tip with you on how you can blend the peppers together and still achieve a thick consistency. season, add Turkey and leave it to cook for an additional 5 minutes. Also, this will minimize the raw taste of the pepper. Serve warm with boiled plantains, cassava (yuca roots), yams or even rice. Goodness know for how long they cooked the vegetable for. I am Precious Nkeih, the recipe developer and writer right here on my blog, Precious Core. Turkey Stew – Who doesn’t like the sound of that! Bon appetite! You can find me on Facebook, and Instagram. It's super delicious. The picture makes one salivate. 99. Egusi stew is a combination of melon seeds, beef or chicken, healthy spinach, smoked fish, tomato/ peppers carefully seasoned / cooked to bring you the unforgettable taste of “mama”. I used smoked turkey and dried fish. Let is sit on the fire for 5 minutes, as you stir lightly from time to time. Brown-looking vegetables are a turn-off for me. Pair it with some boiled plantains, yams, cassava or even some rice if you like! Add the chopped onions and garlic and fry for 3 - 5 minutes until golden, stirring frequently to prevent burning. But I'm a pepper girl. In medium heavy saucepan, brown meat in oil, turning occasionally, until meat is fork tender. You can serve this stew over a plate of white Rice, Spaghetti, Couscous, you can even serve as a dip for your bread. Add the tomato passata, stock cube, berbere spice, salt and scotch bonnet pepper. once the peppers have been blended for a couple of seconds and it’s becoming liquefied then you can start adding the other chunks of pepper inside the blender. My sister-in-law asked me, "wusai you take fresh njama njama?" I will be working on your request soon. A … your husband is blessed. I saw one and I had to ask what it was. I love African spicy food I'm trying to cook some. It didn't look like vegetable to me. If you make this Carrot Cake recipe, I’d love to see pictures of your creations on Instagram and Facebook. Turkey Stew - Who doesn't like the sound of that! You are busting my brain with all your food post. Required fields are marked *, I am a mama with many mouths to feed. Those leaves are just too versatile. Taste for Salt and Seasoning, adjust if necessary. It contains chicken, peanut butter, and spinach. Other add-ins like Ginger, Garlic, Tomato paste are also added together with some spices. 336738 submitted by africanbite. Then, cook for 5 minutes… Now add the Smoked Turkey, stir and combine. Reduce heat to medium low and cook for 20 more minutes. 2 lb. That is it! ***sighs***Lol. In other parts of the world, any spinach greens will do. My name is Lola, I’m a wife, a mom, and a classically trained home cook. Easy breezy! It is quick, easy and delicious. If using fresh spinach, you will need at least 6 bundles or bags. Hopefully i'll make it sometime. Awww thank you!! Be sure to stir from time to time so the tomatoes don't burn. Nov 28, 2016 - Imagine setting your Thanksgiving table with rich, smoky turkey thighs swimming in a creamy, west African "gravy" made from your choice of melon seeds (egusi) or pumpkin seeds. So grateful for your recipe. so green, and so lush. If it is too dry at this point, add a tablespoon of water and stir. See Green!! This stewed spinach is soft but not too soft - it has a bit of a bite to it. I will try it here someday soon and hope your method of treating it cuts the 'drawness' from ours here. As team #feedhusbandtillhecan'ttakeitanymore, I have decided to make 'that vegetable' a regular at our family table. I will try it this way as a main dish because it has meat. Then in our early days here, one day we visited a Ugandan family. Season with salt and pepper. As always, all opinions are my own. #cheflolaskitchen. I eat them with stewed beans. So good! Hi friends, so glad to have you here. However, if you have a request for a specific recipe, kindly let me know I will try to put it up. Cook until the water is released from the ingredients but there is no browning. My auntie from Liberia always made spinach stew but I paid more attention to eating it than learning to make it. Strain with a colander and rinse with cold water immediately. Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha Bisola, I know what you are talking about. It is traditionally made with Efo Shoko (Lagos spinach) or Efo Tete (African spinach), a member of the genus Amaranth. Among the food they served us was this delicious bowl of prepared fresh leafy greens. You could also use this stew to make a spicy turkey pie. Serve over rice. Roughly chop and stir through with the spinach and turkey to heat through. Take pride in your recipes and blogs. This stew is made with Peppers, Tomatoes, and Onions.Other add-ins like Ginger, Garlic, Tomato paste are also added together with some spices.. Spice it up with some fried pepper. Cover and simmer for 20 minutes. Preheat the cooking oil in a pot cooking oil preheated in this pan it’s very hot then throw in the diced onions the bay leaf and a little bit of thyme mix everything together thoroughly and leave it on the stove-top for about three minutes and this is going to allow the flavors of the onion thyme and bay leaf to come together properly. This stew is made with Peppers, Tomatoes, and Onions. www.eatingwell.com/recipe/270568/hearty-chickpea-spinach-stew I keep it simple as a side dish when I make spinach; no meat but I sometimes add cabbage (yum). That is how the sauce gets its deep color. Turkey stew is one of my most beloved comfort food of all time. Serve the stew with a scoop of cooked rice, a few chopped peanuts, fresh cilantro and a drizzle of hot sauce, if desired. Your Nigerian Smoked Turkey Stew is ready.. Meat such as beef, lamb, pork, goat, cow foot and ham hock go well with okra stew. I eat them with avocado. Thanks for sharing. From that time, I have experimented greatly with spinach. Other add-ins like Ginger, Garlic, Tomato paste are also added together with some spices. Ideally you want to cook the ingredients on lower heat and take your time — up to 30 minutes — to maximise the sweetness from these veggies. Love your cooking, butI have kids and dinner is always a challenge.Please I need dinner ideas for my family. I then strain it with a colander and rinse with cold water after which I squeeze and it is ready for use. save as favorite. Please just one quick question, do we have spinach here in Cameroon or can I use whats commonly called 'green'? Here you will find approachable, insanely delicious, family-friendly recipes. Your email address will not be published. A quick and easy way of putting greens on Do u boil, grill or fried it? Thank you in anticipation. Simmer on low about 15 minutes. I boil water with some salt and a dash of baking soda. NOTE: Be sure to finely grind the s… It is smoky, earthy, so good. How to cook Spinach and turkey. 99. I develop recipes and share real-life stories. Appreciate any suggestions. SMOKED TURKEY BREAST. To make this vegan, use mushrooms in place of chicken and shrimp. Taste ad adjust the seasoning if required. It requires quite a number of ingredients but little work from the cook putting it all together (as long as … Cook for 20mins on medium heat with covered lid; add spinach and olive oil. $14.99 Boil water with some salt and a dash of baking soda. Please any idea if spinach is sold in Cameroon or can one use what's commonly called 'green'? However in this recipe, I bought "chopped spinach" from the grocery store. Preheat the oil in a pot. Cut smoked fish or turkey in small 1/2 inch pieces. Hope you find recipes here that will make cooking easier for you! The pepper can be frozen at this point and you may thaw it when you are ready to use it for your stew or any other purpose. Start by adding the pepper inside the blender in bits then add sufficient water to blend just the small quantity of pepper in the blender. It makes a great side dish. Put the lid on the pot and bring to a simmer. This loooks soooo good. It’s the exact thing I did in this stewed spinach recipe which by the way is very similar to […], […] they are, I eat them with omelettes for breakfast. Read More. Add the chopped parsley, plantain, spinach. Though I used smoked Turkey wings for this recipe,  feel free to use any other ''protein source'' of your choice. I boiled them so they could soften up. Yummy, wow just the picture makes one salivate. Once the Oil is hot, add the diced onion, bay leaf, and Thyme. stew beef 1/2c. Spinach and Smoked Meat Stew is a delicious mix of beef, fish, chicken, pork and shellfish, served over rice. Add minced garlic , thyme , cayenne or whole pepper, paprika, … Cooked with smoked turkey and baked chicken. This is spinach cooked the African way with ethnic flavours. Wish I could share with you, dear. Annie, yes you can definitely use green! Looks delish! I eat them with stewed spinach. With only 30 minutes of cooking time, this is the perfect meal for busy weeknights! To make the stewed spinach, you need to saute the onions, fry the tomatoes, add in crayfish and all other ingredients and mix. In addition to spinach, you need some chopped tomatoes and onions. Seasoned with herbs and spices and cooked with palm oil. Stir in the boiled pepper. Honestly, cooking the Turkey stew is very easy but as easy as it may seem, building up your flavor can be an issue. The African Stewed Spinach also popularly known as Efo riro is a one-pot stew with layers of flavor. Add the spices and mix together thoroughly so that all these ingredients can come together perfectly well. […], […] Monday: African stewed spinach (or stew any leafy greens following the same procedure) with a side of boiled plantains. The life has practically been cooked out of them. This dish is popular in Cote D'Ivoire, particularly the northern region, where melon seeds are traditional. That way they won't be too watery. It is one of my most beloved comfort food of all time. Aug 4, 2018 - Stewed Spinach - Super simple way of enjoy spinach African style - bursting with a good amount of greens and delivers the perfect amount of spice. Hi I want to know how to cook some good African dishes mainly fish dishes and chicken Spinach, […] Make this stewed spinach and serve with boiled/fried plantains or boiled white yam. Make the brine in advance to give it time to cool completely. At this point, you are free to add some water or stock (if necessary) to the stew to lighten it up to your taste. Posted on Published: Aug 3, 2018 - Last updated: Oct 31, 2020 Categories Recipes, Soups and Stews. Add in tomatoes and fry until acidity is all gone. The next thing I do is to boil the peppers for about 10 to 15 minutes in order to reduce more of its water content. I boiled and grilled it before in the oven but it didn't come nice. Brush with beaten egg and bake in the oven at gas 6, 200°C, fan 180°C for 30 mins until golden and puffed. 1 turkey breast, bone-in 1 (64-oz.) If it is too dry at this point, add a tablespoon of water and stir. Egusi Soup with Spinach and Smoked Turkey Recipe. Not like the sorry excuse of vegetable some restaurants or bukas like to serve. Scatter in the Maggi, sprinkle in salt, add smoked turkey and dried fish or whatever meat/fish you are using. I love African food. Add chopped onions. Boil the pepper on the stove top for about 10 minutes. Find stewed spinach recipes here and […], Your email address will not be published. Thanks dear! Could not believe i would only just look without tasting. Palava Sauce (Cassava leaf, Smoked Turkey & Beef) ... (Steamed Spinach, Kale & Assorted Meat) $14. Thanks for the feedback! These are the local spinach varieties that are very popular and easily available. If you are a vegetarian, you can go for Tofu or any other Meat substitute. Honestly, cooking the Turkey stew is very easy but as easy as it may seem, building up your flavor can be an issue.. By now most of you all know that I like Turkey … Add the smoked turkey sauté with onions in the oil for 3-4 minutes, stirring often and scraping any browned bits off the bottom of the pot. I love keeping in touch with all of you! See more Turkey recipes How do I keep the tomatoes from making it too watery? Pour oil into a pot and heat on medium heat then saute the onions until translucent. This is a hot, spicy, thick stew that is completely addictive. Heat the vegetable oil in a Dutch oven over medium heat, and pour the blended mixture into the oil. Spoon the mixture into an ovenproof dish and top with ready rolled puff pastry. Let the tomatoes cook in the oil until they shrink. I eat […], […] I already had delicious fish and chicken to go with the spinach. When we moved to the United States, I thought my hopes of eating stir fry vegetables made with fresh green leafy vegetables were dashed forever. My girls don't like pepper so I omit in most recipes. Finally, taste the stew and add salt and more red pepper to taste. 4. I'm not even kidding, wish you were close by. I started with the smoked turkey and when it was almost ready, I added the dried fish. Turkey Stew. Water will water down the taste of the stew but if you haven’t got stock, you can use water but just a cup. This stew is made with Peppers, Tomatoes, and Onions. 3. This recipe and post is sponsored by Turkey Farmers of Canada and I was compensated for my time. How do you cook the smoked Turkey? You could use shrimps, fish fillet or even chicken. Add meat and smoked herring, if desired, and cook for 10 minutes more. Efo Riro is a thick, delicious stew made with meat, offal, crayfish, dry fish, and green leafy vegetables. This looks so green. I was surprised to see fresh greens so I asked how they made it and they told me it was a melange of collard greens and spinach. Other ingredients you need; some crayfish, seasoning cubes, oil and salt. Add to pot and continue stirring and frying for 20 more minutes. That paved the way for me eventually making some African stewed spinach. It is deeply flavored and inexpensive to make. When cooking the stew, make sure you keep an eye on it, sometimes it gets too thick and you may need to add water or stock at this point. Tags. bottle apple cider 3/4 cup kosher salt 1/2 cup sugar 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar 2 rosemary sprigs 10 fresh sage leaves 1 hickory wood chunk 1 black walnut wood chunk. This African stew is popular in some West African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and Cameroon. Check me out on YouTube at YouTube.com/PreciousKitchen. What meat to use in okro stew? This is chopped and frozen spinach that you just have to thaw, squeeze and use. Enjoy! So, a few weeks back, I made spinach with collard greens, with some crayfish and smoked turkey. Watch Queue Queue It is really that easy. I agree with Kachee. Then fry till the onions become limp. Add the turkey breast. I discovered that it works well with spinach only - no need to add the collard greens. Cook for 15 minutes, then add spinach. E Pele MA, I boil plunge the spinach into the boiling water then cover for 2 - 5 minutes. When the stew has such a fine and viscous consistency, it is sometimes referred to as “draw” soup; with draw describing the slimy viscosity of the soup. It looked stale, limp and sorry. Welcome to my core! Spinach and cabbage sounds interesting. Stay blessed. Egusi stew is popularly eaten with pounded yam or other choice of fufu. This video is unavailable. Once you have washed the peppers, Onions, and Tomatoes, the next thing to do is to cut them into chunks. I normally buy fresh spinach which I rinse then chop. This African Inspired Peanut Stew with Turkey is a warm and comforting meal perfect for these colder winter months. Simmer for 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the sweet potato is fork-tender and the turkey has cooked through. In a Dutch oven, warm the palm oil over medium heat, and add the onions, garlic, ginger, chile and a … Add cooked chicken, beef, and shrimp and water. Let it cook for another five minutes or thereabout so that all these ingredients will have time to interact together in the pot. Your greens are ready. Please post more African food recipes. https://kitchenofyouth.com/spicy-chickpea-turkey-and-tomato-pot I have been using this recipe, and its easy to make. This Turkey stew is a classic affair. Merci sis! These leaves have a soft texture and a mild spinach … E seun ma. It is deeply flavored and inexpensive to make. Wash the peppers, Onions, and Tomatoes then cut them into chunks and blend together with the Garlic, Ginger, and Tomato paste until it becomes smooth. Transfer the pot’s remaining contents into a blender and purée. The leaves are green with a robust odor and a bitter taste. Add in the spinach and mix well with the other ingredients until well incorporated. Squeeze and it is ready for use. This will make it easy for you to blend the peppers. Eat on a bed of rice. Loool I know right? A savory stew made from yucca leaves and cooked in a chicken broth. 1 pound meat smoked turkey or beef or combination of both 1/ 2 medium onion chopped 2 -3 medium tomatoes chopped 1/2 cup canola or any cooking oil 3 garlic cloves-2 teaspoons minced garlic 1 cup ground egusi 1/3 cup ground or smashed crayfish 2-3 cups or more spinach I used frozen spinach
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